Psalm 139

Memorizing Scripture is vital at every age. It’s important to me that my kids memorize full passages of text along with learning individual verses for topical and momentary needs, in order to reframe the mind.

As a Classical Conversations director, I decided that the kids and I would share this passage – Psalm 139 – with our community through this season of Cycle 3. Psalm 139 has 24 verses, and we run the program for 24 weeks. With our science subject revolving around the human body, I find that this text complements our learning extremely well!

This song uses the NIV translation, and I will be creating a few devotions to go along with this song over the next seven weeks. Our community is about to experience Weeks 7-12, where students will be doing a hefty amount of coloring while they prepare for the human body project. I have given this song to our tutors to be able to play in the background during that time; I also shared with our parents for families to memorize at home.

My kids love music. We chose a calm and traditional style for this song passage, so that it will fit well in most family settings; my other thought was that children’s choir leaders could consider adding this into their song set this year. The voicings that my kids fill in can be easily modified as choir parts, and I know that other music directors out there get excited to find scripture memory that students will learn.

We hope that this will be the case with this rendition of Psalm 139.

The truths in this passage are wonderful to know and to believe.

“I know that full well.”