Heavenly Rain




Standing in the rain
The healing waters flow
Standing in the rain
Quench my withering soul
Healing rain, come ease this pain
Renew my heart, my joy sustain
Here I am standing in
The middle of the healing rain

Kneeling in the rain
Holy Fire, take control
Kneeling in the rain
Burn the mire from my soul
Pouring rain, leave no restraint
Refine my heart and cleanse this stain
Here I am kneeling in
The middle of the pouring rain

I need a Higher Love to fall on me
A tender washing from your power above
Rain, fall on me
Rain, fall on me
Rain, fall on me

Dancing in the rain
To the passion of Your song
Dancing in the rain
Bring me life and make me whole
Burning rain, come dance with me
Arouse my heart to ecstasy
Here I am dancing in
The middle of the burning rain

Wash me, cleanse me, fill me up
Till I’m overflowing with Your living love
I long to see You
I long to feel Your touch
To dance in the land that I’ve been dreaming of
I’m so thirsty and a drink won’t do
Come on, drench my life in the rain of You


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