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Journey Through Fields of Daisies


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Our family rises in life through creative expression. Meet my kids, listen to music, and discover some of our joys of home education!

Spiritual Growth:

Step into a world of inspiring thoughts, activated love and connection, and ministry exploration for you, your home, your neighbors.

Whole Health:

Let’s unlock conversations about healthy add-ons that feed LIFE in the body, mind, emotions, choices, and spirit!  Let’s Be. Let’s Become. Awaken the Whole You!

Ami Shroyer

Ami Shroyer


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Hello Friends! Today's Question: How can I serve my reader? Are you my reader? [Serious writing requires knowing the audience well. YOU are the hero and I am the helper. If we are on this road together, there are steps that I need to consider more seriously!]  ...

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Hello friends! SUPER-AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT!!! Do you like QUIZZES: Here's one for your KIDS! Many moons ago, Michael and I read a book called Sacred Pathways, by Gary Thomas. If you followed our family ministry or were led by Mike during Summer Staff Camp...

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