Kids’ and Family Music

If you are looking for great kids’ worship music, I hope to steer you in some good directions!  I will only share on this page music that I have actually tested and used in large and small group settings, with teams of adults, teens, or kids.  If you have used music from any of these companies, The reThink GroupCamp Kidjam, First Look, Lifeway, Integrity Music, Group Publishing, or Brentwood-Benson, you may have used music or resources that we’ve been involved with in some fun way!  My song Trust in the Lord was included on Nathan and Christy Nockels’ collection with Point of Grace several years ago, and that was a super-fun surprise that year!
We just completed two musicals for Lifeway.  iHope Christmas comes in a listening CD that makes a fun audio story for the family to enjoy during the Christmas season.  A Scripture memory musical with a game show theme called The Word Connection is being released right now.  I never imagined we’d do kids’ musicals, but they’re so fun, and our kids memorize every note and spoken line!  With this Scripture musical, they are memorizing 37 verses, and with the devotions to supplement, over 40 Scriptures are getting into their heads and hearts!
There is so much wonderful music available today, and it sure helps to know where to find it!
Even having worked on an extensive list of projects, the music can be hard to find.  Companies continually change how they market individual songs, and there are CDs and DVDs, and even some fantastic retired songs that I could locate through Amazon if I take the time to hunt them down!  The list above will get you hunting on your own in some incredible directions though!
The biggest testers in my life today are my own two little enthusiasts!
So every note is 100% J. Michael and Sadiella APPROVED!
If you have music you’d like to add to the list, I’d love to review it!
You can email me at 
My brother Jeff and I have worked on the Shout Praises Kids series ever since the first one in 2000, Shout to the Lord Kids.  Now there have been at least 8 of them, and a few Christmas discs, a scripture project, a Hymn project,  and some extra musicals!
Jeff and Shannon are friends that we have worked with in many settings, ever since our North Point days.  He is a fantastic songwriter for adults and kids!  He and Shannon also created a beautiful Christmas album together called SHINE.  J. Michael’s best friend Maggie is their daughter, and you MUST listen to the sample of Silent Night and hear her beautiful little voice!
An army of friends have played a huge part in making kids’ and family projects, many having music of their own… So I will add more links when I have time, to Cheryl Rogers, Candi Pearson Shelton, Chrystina Lloree Fincher, John and Jennifer Carrozza, Kristian Stanfill, Casey Darnell, Todd Fields, and many others!!!
*Maybe I’ll just  highlight a friend a week, and let you in on some of his/her sheer awesomeness!  ENJOY!!!*

Let me leave you with our all-time favorite way to memorize the Books of the Bible:
Candi’s Everything Fades is number 5 in this list, but it is number ONE in our house!