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We are looking for people to join us that are:
  • positive
  • seeking a wholeness lifestyle over just throwing down flash attempts of the catch-phrase, “There’s an oil for that!” (one way will make a long-term difference while the other will act as a momentary trend. This journey is worth taking, and we want to see Whole Families, even if it takes a long time to get there).
  • self-learners who are highly driven to make a difference
  • others who desire life-change and personal growth
  • people who are willing to try new things they’ve never done
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Welcome, Friends!

Journeys — especially challenging ones — are best traveled with FRIENDS! This site is full of blog-posts on family, ministry, grief healing, music, parenting, education, wellness…

And of COURSE, this includes oily living, nutrition, and Whole You Discoveries!

Why Whole You?

Because when we walk through challenges and rise to new heights, we can SHARE what we’ve learned and invite a collective rising!

I’m so happy that YOU are joining this collective of vibrant, encouraging, loving people!

We never know what life will bring. When we live our best lives in the openness of hope, gratitude, and surrender, while diving into a personal toolbox of life-giving words, essential oils, plant-derived supplements, quality nutritional food, and loving friendships…

Nothing is Impossible!


So just as I do every day, please bring your hopes, questions, ideas, and areas of growth and discovery…

Together, we will take forward steps on the Journey to Wholeness!


Serving to the Last Drop

Meet the Serving to the Last Drop Collective

 Elizabeth Zink
Elizabeth Zink

Firefighter/Paramedic, Homesteader with Aaron

Lyndsay Brown
Lyndsay Brown

Actor, Singer, Natural Health Enthusiast

Kristi Wood
Kristi Wood

Registered Nurse, Operates Small Family Farm with Tommy

Danielle Cofta
Danielle Cofta

Special Education Teacher, Active learner and instructor of Natural Care Modalities w/ Nutrition emphasis

Ready to Join?
Meet the Whole Collective
Stephanie Reid
Stephanie Reid

Homeschool Mom, tutor, piano instructor, Pastor’s wife, background in medical care and carrier of many degrees

Erin Smith
Erin Smith

Homeschool Mom, formerly operated preschool; now having new baby!


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