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Hey there, Friend!

Thanks for listening to Wide Open Conversations, Season 2, Episodes 3 & 4 “Don’t Give Up!”

Today, I want to give all of my loyal listeners a special gift — a short ebook that Michael Shroyer wrote, about the impact that J. Michael’s 10-year-old words of encouragement had in rebuilding his drive to keep going with the ministry outreach we were doing in the early days of life on the Wide Open Home property.

I’d also like to ask you to love – generously – all of the single parents out there, and their kids! YOU are an answer to prayer to someone who needs you.

With the not-well-known National Single Parents Day in March, I thought it would be fun to give you a few fresh ideas on how to bless a single parent you may know YEAR ROUND:

  • An occasional meal is like GOLD! 
  • Offering to take the kids for a day – even for just a few hours – is refreshing!
  • Words of encouragement go far in refueling our “you can do this!” love tanks.
  • Checking in on us regularly – especially when a great new movie is released, or tax season comes around, or when holidays round the calendar, help us know that we are not on our own. 
  • Be a tribe — especially surrounding the kids! Your impact goes deeper and wider than you will EVER know.

If YOU have some fantastic ideas, leave comments, tell a story of an act of love that someone blessed you with, or send me a message. It’s always powerful when you join the conversation!

Thanks for listening.

Until next time, Be Loved, Beloved.