About Us

Meet the Shroyers:
We are on a mission of TOGETHER.
It doesn’t matter what challenges we face, what moods we are in, whether we are on the road, in a camper, in a city or out in the woods… what we face, we face together.  TOGETHER is a glue that we apply daily, and every day is an adventure.  It starts from within our own home, and makes its way outward, adhering us to a genuine care and sense of belonging with those in our concentric circles as we walk through seasons of life in support of one another. 

This is Mike:
He is a master of funny faces, and a protector of hearts.  He teaches with wisdom and seeks to understand.  He’s into people and their stories!  He defends those who cannot defend themselves, and maintains a sweet shot on the basketball court.  We are both talkers, writers and dreamers, and the kids are growing up with the constant soundtrack of conversation in the background.

This is J. Michael:

This kid has a vivid imagination and loves a good story!  He will spend hours with Legos, building the people and making loud sound effects.  He is a great big brother, a caring friend, and he has an enormous belly laugh!  His favorite compliment is to be called “funny,” and he’s a sucker for every good infomercial!  He wants to play basketball like his Dad, but right now we’re working on the fact that by always letting his friends win, well… we’re  working on the sports thing!
This is Sadiella:
She loves the great outdoors and has long-since overcome her fear of grass.  She always wants to play in twirly dresses, but has a fierce spirit of competition.  She sings non-stop and thinks she’s just as big as her brother.  She would solve all the world’s problems with electronic buttons, and she’d color the world with paint if she could!
When it comes to me, I just hope to help those around me smile more.  I have made many decisions in life based on how colorful the story would retell someday… not always wise, but definitely entertaining!  I love to write, sing, paint, decorate, teach and listen.  Everything has purpose and meaning, so I try to decorate the lives of my family with careful love and a whole lot of encouragement!

We all have our faults, too.  But the great thing about TOGETHER is this: When one of us is having a rough time, the others are there to help.
We don’t have it “all together” but as we share some of our journey with other Cre8 Families who are committing to hold on and not let go, we will see some things happen that defy statistics.

So whether you have come to this blog to read about family, Cre8, art, children’s worship, home stuff, church stuff, or home-school stuff… Or maybe this was a random accident!  In any case, I hope you will feel like you were together with us, and that it was a good moment.


These words that I am giving you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children.  Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (HCSB)