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doterra-logoWhen I began using oils, it was because of a physical need in my son. I had used — even had my drawerful of oils from other companies. But this need was bigger than what those could help his body accomplish. Purity and potency mattered more than it ever had before. I had just been to a first class of a friend, to which I had only gone because she was my friend. I thought I knew all about essential oils already since I had used them for now twelve (12) years… but that night I. learned. so. much.

And what I learned most of all was that there is much to learn!

Needless to say, I wanted to put this “most tested/most trusted” oil brand to work, so we used samples of dōTERRA’s Oregano, Frankincense, Melaleuca, and Lavender with my son, and something we had been battling for months was now noticeably different… and without the harmful side effect cycle that he had been in just days before that class.

I naturally began to share, and use, and share some more. And before I knew it, I had a team of passionate sharers… just. like. me.

The majority of people who choose to build a dōTERRA business start out by simply falling in love with the results… and then… talking about it.

Over time, Mike and I began to see clearly that the passion in my sharing THIS was supporting our truest ministry passions! When I began to see team members find their passions coming alive again – or for the first time – I knew this would be a lifelong “job.”

The old saying goes:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Confucius once said it, and it’s proven true. Not only has this been a joy to learn and to share, it has helped me develop a better leader in me. Then Mike passed away, and the kids and I continued to have income supporting us while I took a nearly-10-month break. Total time off to “work” on us.

Perhaps YOU have a passion that you have ignored or not found yourself able to try. Maybe you even have felt like you can’t or that it’s too late to give it a go. It’s never too late, and we’d love to help!

When this journey transitioned from living with oils, to sharing the oils, to building a business with oils to support our greater loves, Mike saw that I was frustrated in trying to emulate (like “copy and paste”) what others were telling me would bring success. And I was ready to quit. I was spiraling out in this internal wrestling match of “I can’t DO this!” against “But I LOVE this!”

He said to me these wise words (which meant more to me than those of Confucius, by the way!):

“Ami, you need to figure out how to not lose yourself, and how to share by serving. And when you can do that, this will work. Be creative. Be loving. Be YOU. If this brings you into a pit, it’s not worth it. I’m behind you 100%. So take time to figure out how to be yourself in this, and I’ll support you and help in every way I can.”

That’s when I went straight to my knees, and the phrase “Serving to the Last Drop” became both my mission AND my business plan! I woke up to how I’m wired, and found out that by helping others reach their own physical, emotional, spiritual, and business goals, this took off. I started to come alive even more, and the stories of life-change in others fueled me!

Today, we have not only me, but a team of people who have found their own paths and are ready to serve alongside you in finding yours.

We are looking for people to join us that are:

  • positive
  • seeking a wholeness lifestyle over just throwing down flash attempts of the catch-phrase, “There’s an oil for that!” (one way will make a long-term difference while the other will act as a momentary trend. This journey is worth taking, and we want to see Whole Families, even if it takes a long time to get there).
  • self-learners who are highly driven to make a difference
  • others who desire life-change and personal growth
  • people who are willing to try new things they’ve never done

You may look at that list and think, “But I’m not always that way.” Hey! We all have our days! And we are finding our personal growth to be one of the best outcomes of this business journey.

So whether you want to be a Wholesale Customer, a Wellness Advocate, a Sharer, or a Builder… we hope to connect with you.

Please look through the bios of my frontline team! They are from all over the U.S. and are connecting with people all over this country, and even expanding outside of the U.S.

These women and men are people I love.

Which brings me to one last great point:

How awesome is it that I get to make a living alongside fantastic people who are growing in wholeness each day—people that I love to be around?

We would want nothing more than for you to join us…

Let’s work serve together!



Meet the Team

Elizabeth Zink

Firefighter/Paramedic, Homesteader with Aaron

My name is Elizabeth Zink. I am a wife and mother of four children. I was introduced to dōTERRA in December 2013 after really struggling through life. I was battling some significant health issues as well as the emotions that go along with that. My husband and I were also starting to raise much of our own food and trying to reduce chemicals and toxins in our home. I had never experienced essential oils. When I opened that little box of “gifts of the earth”, let’s just say it was profound. Since that time, it has been impossible not to share these gifts with others. I feel so honored to walk through this journey with you.

website: mydoterra.com/elizabethzink

email: elofyr@msn.com

Kristi Wood

Registered Nurse, Operates Small Family Farm with Tommy

I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus. This is good to know because this is the view by which I see the world, God’s miracles, His creation (including you), and His gifts to bless us spiritually, mentally, and physically. We have been using essential oils for over 2 1/2 years as our primary go-to for our health. We have seen some unbelievable results which have led to us sharing these gifts with others. Thus, our Doterra business was born. I have a passion to educate and share essential oils with others as well as share my experience as a Registered Nurse and the vast difference that I have experienced between God’s medicine and man’s. If you would like to empower yourself with education and options to help you take care of your family’s health naturally, please contact me and come to some of our educational classes offered throughout the month. If you are interested in hosting a class for you and your family and friends, I would be honored to teach you, and I have a small gift for you.

website: mydoterra.com/kristiwood

email: tkwood3rd@gmail.com

Danielle Cofta

Special Education Teacher, Active learner and instructor of Natural Care Modalities w/ Nutrition emphasis

As a Special Education teacher I love helping others and enjoy teaching strategies that help them live well. Through my 10 years of public school experience, I realized one very important thing: people can’t learn if they don’t feel well. The more I taught, the more I wanted to focus more on the well-being of the child over focusing on his/her academic success. That realization, along with the birth of my first son sent me on a 5 year (and counting) journey of learning about food, nutrition, how the body works, how it heals, and how simple, everyday choices can lead to a life of health and wholeness. Not every day is a full success and I don’t always make the right choices but I’m learning just how important it is to care for the body as I notice a significant difference when I am on track! And what a journey it’s been! I am excited to help you in any way I can; simply email me and let me know how I can serve you!

Drops from Heaven

website: mydoterra.com/daniellecofta

email: dropsfromheaven3@gmail.com

Erin Smith

Homeschool Mom, formerly operated preschool; now having new baby!

My name is Erin Smith and I live in Kernersville, NC with my husband and 2 (soon to be 3) children. I was introduced to dōTERRA in early 2013 and was amazed at the things I learned at the first class that I attended. I officially joined in February 2013 and have invited others to share this journey with me. What began as a way to have more alternatives for our family’s health concerns turned into a way to teach and minister to others. In our family, we have a strong desire to serve others together. It wasn’t long before my little girl was sharing testimonies about what essential oils were doing for her. She has even helped me teach classes from time to time. Our journey to wholeness has just merely begun, and I’m excited to see where God takes all of this. I am very passionate about sharing and helping others discover health alternatives, because everyone should have choices.

website: mydoterra.com/erinhallsmith 

email: eofanatic.erin@gmail.com

Stephanie Reid

Homeschool Mom, tutor, piano instructor, Pastor’s wife, background in medical care and carrier of many degrees

Hi. This oils journey for me has been a gradual awakening and deeper and deeper conviction over time. In the beginning, my friends were all smelling like nature, and I knew enough about natural solutions for good health to really understand that they were caring for their physical and emotional needs as well as the needs of their families in a healthy way. So, if I had a health concern, I started to ask about oils and pick up a sample from Ami here and there, and they worked to bring wellness to the poison ivy issue and then, aided the body in soothing the kids’ sore throats. I only experienced confirmation with each use — essential oils truly are a gift of the earth from its Creator. Over time, I learned much about the way our bodies work, our American diet and its deficiencies, my gut health and how it affects everything else, and how oils are just one part of optimizing better health. My convictions have grown in strength in this area, and my motivation for wellness is that I will be doing all I can to stay as whole physically and emotionally for my family as I am able throughout my life with things that I have control over; it is my gift to them (as well as being careful as grocery-shopper and meal-preparer and mom/wife-nurse to help them stay well). Additionally, at this time in the journey, I am realizing that I have been given another gift as well: the crazy tremendous blessing to help others do the same for their families. We have this one very brief life to live, and we have a chance to be a part of God’s remedy in our brokenness. We have a chance to experience that remedy in our lives and to introduce it to the hurting people around us.

Thanks for joining us on the journey!

website: mydoterra.com/howmanycanwehelp

email: stephreid121@gmail.com

Lyndsay Brown

Actor, Singer, Natural Health Enthusiast

Hi! We are Lyndsay and Lowrey Brown, just your average couple who happen to be making a living as professional actors and singers in the north Atlanta, Georgia area. Two years ago, I (Lyndsay) was introduced to the benefits of essential oils and the journey began. I began to notice that the oils were benefiting my voice, my health, and my overall feeling of well-being. With hectic actor’s hours, the benefits the oils produced in allowing me to sleep and get the rest I needed was a life changer. (If you struggle with sleep I feel your pain and would love to help you.)

My husband, Lowrey, was skeptical at first.  However, after being my willing ‘test subject’ for a number of oils, Lowery began to notice the benefits the oils were bringing to his health as well. It wasn’t long until we both realized this “hobby” was something much bigger. Now we teach and educate others how to incorporate oils cost-effectively into their daily routines. Not only do we teach and hold in-person classes, but we love meeting people one-on-one and offer online satellite classes and training as well.

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve decided to begin to educate yourself about essential oils and what they can do for your life. My family is a living testament to the life-changing effects of this journey.  You don’t have to have all the answers in the beginning- and I’m pretty sure I learn something new every day- but it just takes one drop, one step, one oil to get started. You won’t regret it. When I started acting, one of my main sayings was, “The show must go on!” However, now I’ve discovered my larger purpose is that, “The oils must go on!” We would be honored to help you on your journey so that you are, “Living empowered & free so the curtain doesn’t come down on your passions and dreams!” ~Lyndsay (and Lowrey)

website: mydoterra.com/lyndsayrbrown

instagram: instagram.com/oilsmustgoon

email: Oilsbylyndsay@gmail.com

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