Hello Friends!
Today’s Question: How can I serve my reader?

Are you my reader?

[Serious writing requires knowing the audience well. YOU are the hero and I am the helper. If we are on this road together, there are steps that I need to consider more seriously!]


  • If YOU are my reader, I’d love to know what you find when you visit!
  • What keeps you coming back?
  • What do you need more of to help you on your way?
  • It’s important that I prioritize effectively.


As a member of hope*writers [presently in a writers circle], we are setting serious goals for the summer months. I tend to write… LIFE; I just write life as it happens.

A post in here or on social media may surround:

  • health
  • oils
  • grief
  • my kids
  • parenting
  • homeschool
  • scriptures
  • music
  • my sweet, clingy, needy, adopted mini-schnauzer

But I have not been a stickler for rotation, balance, or structure. I’m learning the “rules” to being effective, and y’all know how well rules and I cooperate!?! But alas! Unless I just want to continue to write without focus, then I need to embrace some necessary change. It’s time to step into a professional space of helping YOU without losing me. And I’d like to gain readers — not see all of you run away!

This is scary business, people! I realize that when I finish a project, it will be judged. It’s peculiar to me how the raw and unfinished music that is unprofessional and not well done will get thousands of views, and then after investing thousands of dollars into recording much better versions, the songs may just rest there, without much activity. Is it that people don’t like to buy anything? I don’t want to perceive it as a negative judgment on heart-bled expressions. Therefore, I’ve become more comfortable staying in a work-in-progress space that spins ideas, but may not finish them! Anyone out there get me on this? Comfortable, while simultaneously hating the un-done-ness of it all!

Well, I’m tired of the incomplete!

It’s time to change.

Thankfully, this hope*writers space is flooded with encouragement and life-giving direction! We’re cheering each other on, to write out of calling — to serve our readers without fear. My life story and experience is here for the purpose of calling out the hero in YOU.

Perhaps you:

  • Wonder if essential oils really work
  • Want to parent well through tragic loss
  • Seek creative ideas in teaching nine-year-olds about past perfect verb anatomy, or parsing sentence structures
  • Hope to read a devotion that creates closeness at bedtime with your daughter
  • Need to discover just the right bedtime oil blends to help calm fears and sleep soundly
  • Crave tangible ways to hold onto hope along your path of suffering
  • Question the important things TO say and NOT to say when your loved ones are depending on you to speak on their behalf with a disjointed hospital staff.
  • Seek a natural solution for healthy heads & happy kids throughout the school year!

It’s time for each new post to provide you with life-giving tools that YOU will put into inspired action!

Today, something on “the book of faces” sent me back to a Sadie-freestylin’-at-four video post:

Then THAT video sent me to the video posts dated all around it — and I was smack back into the carefree days of the summer sun, with two silly creatives, living in the vibrancy of the ministry property and its fresh beginnings.

As I clicked through post after post to our present day, there was an abrupt and obvious change/shift when we lost Mike. It was hard to watch and to follow, but I ventured in anyway, to take a closer look.

I noticed something.

EVERY post that attracted between two and five thousand views had something to communicate through music — wrestling intimately with God through the struggles of grief’s passage, or celebrating the sunlight that dances in my kids against a dark, heavy backdrop.

*** Let me be plain:

I love being in the business of whōleness! I love everything about our dōTERRA adventure—it is greatly needed! *This business supports my family!* It helps us heal, and at the same time, provides an avenue – an invitation – to help others heal, too.

  • I want you to join me in healing your lives and families, from the inside out.
  • I want you to bubble over about a new oil and discover inner effervescence over a fantastic daily vitamin or nutrition plan!

I do.

I do.

I really do.

In fact, I plan to find better ways to walk that personal journey with you!

Yet, I scratch my head in wonder, that THESE [see below] are the most interactive posts [at least in way of videos], and I ask myself… WHY?

WHAT are these messy-life posts providing for YOU?

YOU – my reader – will know the answers best!

My hope is that we remain like FAMILY. I have no intention to shove the REAL out for the sake of the professional. I want this space to bring in new lives and friends, and hit the mark with addressing felt needs carefully and enjoyably!

So, will you walk with me for a few minutes?

Can you help me see with fresh eyes who it is that my family and I are reaching?

  • It is important that we spend the next months on specific, next right steps.
  • To help others find hope is essential; and that comes in a variety of ways.
  • Spinning in circles, accomplishing nothing, is not what we are destined to do.
  • I’m weary of the random, and ready to make a stronger impact.
  • If that requires a friendship with “rules,” then I welcome it!
  • And as joy-catchers — it’s even better if our journey to serve is wrapped up and doled out on a plate with a whole lotta FUN!

So please talk to me!

If you are my reader, I value what you see; I’d like to hear what you have to say. I cherish the encouragement you have to offer; I want to know what you value here. Even more – I’d love to know what it is you need!

Thank you!!!

Now let’s stroll down memory lane and look at the kinds of posts that seem to invoke the most interaction.

[You don’t have to watch them fully, but I thought I’d post the links in order to paint a picture] . . .

View this post on Instagram

So… This. Girl. “Mom, can I have post-it notes?” You really just never know what she’s up to!!! Happy Sader-day!!!

A post shared by A M I 🌸 S H R O Y E R (@amishroyer) on Sep 24, 2016 at 11:26am PDT

Of course this one has over 27,000 views…

Thanks for scrolling along with me!

Finally, this post was not with a video, but the Name on the Front of the Building discussions kindled in this post, and in the surrounding posts, reveal importance. I desire to meet the felt need that this work of Michael’s reveals. Therefore, this writing piece remains at the TOP of my priorities to complete!

To view other recent blog posts, read the titles in the right margin of this page.

Finally, if you’ve gotten this far, then YOU most certainly must be my READER!!! And for that — THANK YOU!!!

In a training session in hope*writers 90-Day Direction, I was asked to do an exercise that went something like “____ is a _____ who ____s in order to _____.”

We were to insert our names and desires in order to specify our writing and find our reader more easily. :::SIGH::: In typical Ami-fashion, I had more than one important category. I’m hoping that it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to hone in on these – even seasonally – because it represents all of you whom I love — and others out in that world that I hope to reach, and serve.

This is what landed on my scrap paper that I found in the car while I waited for Sadiella to finish dance class:

While I cannot give 100% each day to all of those areas, I find pieces of myself in every one of those places. I have appreciated your patience and devotion as I learn and grow into the present and coming season.
We learn through navigating life and death; it is not meant to be hidden, but given.

Thanks for joining the conversation – Be Loved!


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The rest will follow…
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