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Do you like QUIZZES: Here’s one for your KIDS!

Many moons ago, Michael and I read a book called Sacred Pathways, by Gary Thomas. If you followed our family ministry or were led by Mike during Summer Staff Camp leadership training, then you will recall taking a test to see the ways in which YOU best draw near to God.

Perhaps you discovered that you are alive in Nature, or Enthusiastic with music and experiences. Maybe you are Intellectual, and feel closest to God while studying Biblical text in original languages. The list continues — Contemplatives, Ascetics, Naturalists, Activists, Caregivers, Traditionalists, and Sensates.

You are not living inside just one worship style , and neither are those who surround you. It is FREEING to remove one another from the boxes in which we have hidden!

Michael and I always entertained the thoughts, “How do we teach a nuclear FAMILY to understand their differences in worship environments?” and “How can WE do our part in creating such environments of understanding and exploration?’

With Wide Open Ministries, our family not-for-profit, we began to hold spiritual growth journeys for ALL AGES, utilizing environments around the property, as well as with providing take-home family activities… and Cre8 was born.

Today, I am in a writing collective called hope*writers, and I have had the JOY of becoming friends with Christie Thomas, an Enthusiast Intellectual [like me] who has written this content into a guide for kids!

TODAY, she is releasing her version of the Sacred Pathways for KIDS to grow in closeness to their Creator!

I’m SOOOOOOO EXCITED for everyone I know — moms, dads, teachers, children’s ministry directors — to get your hands on this great resource, and run to God alongside your children…

without putting them in a box!

If Mike were here, he would agree: having this knowledge on our side MANY YEARS prior to having our children equipped us to help them spread their own unique and beautiful wings!

Sadiella, the Care-giving Enthusiast!

Jeffrey Michael, the Enthusiastic Intellectual!

In closing:

  • Do you know YOU?
  • Do you know YOUR CHILDREN?
  • Do you want to discover ways to help them know themselves within their pursuit of knowing God?

If those questions make you curious, you’ll love this book!

Remember to have your kids take this QUIZ

*** And all week long, there are FREE bonuses that customers will receive from Christie’s friends [like me!]. The bonus materials are wonderful, and you and your family will be deeply blessed.

I hope you will join us along this Sacred Pathway.

It’s the journey of a lifetime for ALL generations.

Click here today and enjoy the bonuses throughout launch week!

Share with friends, if you believe they would enjoy this too! [The book without the bonuses will continue to be available, but it sure is fun to be a part of a launch week for another writer, dreamer, enthusiastic friend!]

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