Hello Friends!

I can’t let today 5-11-2019 go by without a post.

5-11, Michael’s birthday.

5:11, Michael’s time of death.

Those numbers grabbed my attention, and you can read all about the significance of journeying, travel, and accomplishing difficult things and overcoming toughest challenges Right Here.

Last week breathed new life into my motivation with our Serving to the Last Drop mission. In fact, as I flew to the dōTERRA headquarters for meetings, I watched Wonder Woman on the flight for the “extra” that I needed.

Entering Salt Lake City, Utah

Why Wonder Woman?

When the movie released a few years ago, I was contacted by many friends who knew our story, saying, “I thought of you through the movie!”

This was a HUGE honor to me when I saw it for myself: an exceptionally caring woman who saw the injustice — specifically those dying in chemicals of a war — who wasn’t afraid to speak up and ask hard questions to leaders, step across No Man’s Land, and stand for change. She wanted to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.

I bawled through the movie’s end when I watched Steve head into the plane with the poisons and take the death for the saving of the masses, and in that moment, he had given her the words, “I can save today; you can save the world.”

Talk about motivating!

You see, I had already LOVED being in the business of helping others with health and wellness, but when Mike died from improper care, poor doctor/patient communication, and the attacks that the medications he was given had had on his un-diagnosed body…

It. All. Became. WAY. More. Personal.

As Diana [Wonder Woman] watched Steve blow up, her most super super-est of all supers came powering out of her like a light-beast. That scene was awesome in portraying what I felt like when I sat with Mike’s lifeless body and knew that there was a mission/battle ahead, while having to learn to live with the strong presence of his absence.

Remember, when the Wonder Woman movie was released, I was in the thick of the meetings with the top hospital leaders. I was running memories through my head 24/7, getting little sleep, talking to many who I hoped could help, and researching words and phrases from Mike’s autopsy along with the detailed side effects of specific drugs, and Medication Toxicity.

I was told that nothing could be done because of how commonplace these losses [or injuries] have become in the current systems.

I was in an internal Fight Mode.

This was missional, and I had to be.

But the conflict was crying out for justice, and I was driven there.

On the flight the other day, I heard Diana’s words at the END of the movie in a way that I had completely MISSED the first time around:




You see, I realized that I am back where I began. Serving to the Last Drop. This path has always been there, but just as Diana came to the war-world to stand and to fight…

she STAYED to … LOVE.

As I got off the plane and spent my days out West meeting with the Director of Operations of the Prime Meridian Medic Clinics that are just the START of a courageous and life-changing revolution/relationship in the Medical World — building BRIDGES between structure and function, whole health and medicine…

I LIT UP with excitement over the small role I accept in this partnership with change!

Oh, to be a voice of LOVE:

  1. Love your health — spiritual, emotional, physical, relational
  2. Love your family with steps of wholeness
  3. Love those around you
  4. Love and serve as you grow

If true change will happen, it will start with me, my home, those around me; it will start with you, your home, those around you.

After I met with Ezra Segura, I met with my new friend Zach who leads the charge with site certification and compliance. He had spent quite a bit of time in this blog site, making sure that I am not crossing any lines while sharing bits about oils and supplements within the framework and passionate fuel that drives me out of our tragic loss, in hopes to see greater health in every home.

Having these two leaders show favor and support removed my final two fear-based obstacles in moving on full-throttle with my business!

What was I afraid of?

  1. That I would not have a voice, being the woman whose husband died.
  2. That I wouldn’t be able to work compliantly because of the anger I felt toward the systems and substances that were part of the harms.

What is the truth?

  1. I do have a voice, having seen so much up close and personal, in a short amount of time.
  2. I absolutely CAN work compliantly, because there are better systems to be encouraged, and health bridges yet to be discovered, learned, and formed.

At this point, I told a friend, if I say “YES” to Fear, then I am saying “NO” to God. He has flung doors of purposes and favor wide open. And frankly — in this life, there just IS NOT time for living cowardly like that!


So long, fear… move out of the way — it’s WHOLENESS time, and we have a lot of serving to do!!!

For today on this 5/11 Journey Day — HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!

We miss you so. But somehow, I believe we are in this together, making change, and doing all we can to make the people we come across a little better and brighter than we found them.

I will look back on my meetings with the leaders last week with joy.
Being seen and heard brings healing and hope.

I may have driven away from the offices in Utah, but the love and support, the mission and the excitement, are with me on the journey ahead.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a sweet photo that Sadie found at Grandma’s house from the first Summer of Mike and Ami.

I was loved well — for 100 years… in nearly 20.

My hōpe is that we ALL will take that kind of concentrated love to every category in our lives… starting with taking care of ourselves in order to live BRIGHT.

I stalled out to fight; I move ahead to LOVE.

Serving to the Last Drop,


[I can choose to be the “I wonder” woman: “I wonder if I should… I wonder how this will… I wonder why that…” OR I can be the Wonder Woman: “I see the wonder!.. I stand in awe and Wonder that THIS ____ is happening!”]

Only Love.

It’s brave 💕 and quite super.

I invite you to jōin me… Start YOUR 511 Journey to Whōleness today!

What is the 511 Journey?

What is a practical step I can take to begin?

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