Hello Classical Conversations Friends!

There is no greater time to be thankful than the present.

Because Gratefulness and Compaining cannot occupy the same space, I decided to share some of the things that I am thankful for, as a parent/tutor/director who has been involved in this program for eleven years – now heading into Year Twelve!

We can take offense, and sometimes the voices of the offended can echo louder than those who are not – even swaying the mind to question one’s own contentment.

I’d rather Stand on the Offense, and make a power-move of gratitude!

Our family has benefited tremendously from the structure of this program. We have seen the leaders at the highest levels of leadership up close and personal, as they would have planning meetings on our ministry property. As the kids and I would refresh the toilet paper rolls in bathrooms, wipe down the kitchen, clear the laid out breakfast for lunch, and set out coffees, teas, and snacks, we would hear the vibrant chatter and intellectually stimulating dialogue — trust me; they spent their time on task to provide beautiful material, and with hearts of kindness and love.

This was several years ago, in our ministry kitchen. J Michael stood tall [he is on a step-up] as he was proud to meet Leigh for himself!

On our campus, we’ve walked through the changeovers of directors through the years, always asking, “What can we do to help? What do you need? How can we serve?”


Because of what this program – and being a part of community – was doing for our homeschooling experience.

Were there ever bumps?


What did we do?

We became MORE involved, to see what we could do to help foster the environment that we were desiring.

Mike directed with a TEAM LEADERSHIP approach for two and a half years before his sudden passing. From there, I continued to direct for the next two and a half years, relying heavily on a team of incredible, rock-star mamas!

Relationships grew.

Things YOU can do to foster Relational Connection within YOUR CC campus:

  • Mom nights
  • Field Trips
  • Intentional Events — go all out with your End of Year Ceremony!
  • Include all ages whenever you are able!
  • Family experiences
  • Spring Field Day
  • Yearbooks
  • Art Gallery
  • BizTown event
  • Individual class outings
  • Be creative, and use the interests of your families as your gauge!

When needed, invite uncomfortable conversations, but don’t tolerate gossip, slander, or critical embittered venting. It’s not helpful to anyone, and eats away at relational growth like a cancer!


Celebrate what you LOVE!

Share what is going RIGHT!

Breathe LIFE into your leaders, and into one another!

Foster a Spirit of Encouragement!

Acknowledge the POSITIVES in every child and parent — it’s there!

What have you done to support your CC community? How involved in solutions have you been willing to become? Are you relationally committed and connected to others, and if so, how did that grow?

Everyone has a great story to share, and we’d love to hear YOURS!

Let’s REVIVE and REFRESH with gratitude this season!!!

Expressing thanks and believing favor,

Director and CC Mama in North Carolina

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