She’s wearing her favorite shirt of Mike’s and is in her bare feet like her mama.

Hello Friends!

On Wednesday of this past week, the kids led together and some of you asked for the video clips. I love these two and how they encourage each other. I also love the two brothers book-ending the platform. They are like siblings to my own two, and God is using each one of these beautiful humans to make the world a better, brighter place.


Even though the mic for the kick drum fell into the drum, may you enjoy this special moment!

This is exactly eleven years after I was in my eighth month of pregnancy and my sweet little just-turned-five JMan answered my question, “What will you teach your baby sister as she grows up?”

He replied, “I will teach her how to eat cleanly. [pause] And I will play the guitar while my little sister sings.”

Now, at ages 11 and 16, we are at that beautiful day.
Be blessed.


Happy Sunday!



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