Let me introduce you to 5-1-1: Your Whōleness Journey!

I’m passionate about this topic. I was passionate when teaching my children at ages four and eight how to use their five senses to start the process of being their own body detectives, in order to seek out the deeper connections with emotions and other areas that needed help, too!

The top of the ice burg was NOT what sank the Titanic; rather, it was the enormous broken shelf of glacier that lay beneath the water’s surface, in unseen places. I invite you on a personal journey to begin supporting your health from the seemingly hidden spaces. You will serve yourself and will want to pass it on to those you love. This video gives a great overview of areas I’ll continually reference, just as I do with my own kids…

For example, Sadie and I sat with her toilet paper roll of tissues on her bed for her runniest of runny noses episode. We dove right into her need to make things right inside her heart – and out loud with her words and will – toward her brother.

It made all the difference.


We addressed her WHOLE person, and supported Systems over Symptoms!

I remember talking with J. Michael at age ten on the couch about his day, while giving him an Arōma Touch hand technique with Balance oil. I witnessed his entire self relax and open up with honesty in communication! With returned peace in his heart, he forgot that his sister had been annoying him! When I reminded him, he realized that it wasn’t really a change that SHE had needed to make, but rather a shift in his own heart toward her that had changed the atmosphere.

It made all the difference.


We addressed his WHOLE person, and supported Systems over Symptoms!

Moments like these are priceless, and we are going to walk together to uncover ways that YOU and those you love can begin to seek health care — health in BODY, MIND, WILL, EMOTIONS, SPIRIT — and choose the tools that uncover roots and open pathways of healing.

What has happened to healthcare, and why is this important?

For several generations now — more intensely since the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie, with the patenting of medications bringing high profit margins — we have traded intuition, nutrition, and the slower processes of whole healing, for “sickcare management.”

In our fast-paced, processed world, it seems much easier to reach for the quick fix that will subdue symptoms, rather than take the time to allow symptoms to shine a red flashing light to bring attention to BODY SYSTEMS that are crying out for balance, support, and healing.

The 11 organ systems of the body are as follows:

  1. Integumentary – Skin is the largest organ in the body and is a vital “chimney” of toxin removal. Skin provides protective layers to the body from invaders. It also heats and cools, helping to regulate temperature.
  2. Muscular – Muscles and tissues throughout the body allow for movement and changing shape. This system maintains safe head position, provides heat, and contains a variety of proteins.
  3. Skeletal – Bones and connective tissues provide shape and structure to the body, allowing movement and support. This system protects vital organs and even produces blood cells.
  4. Nervous – Receiving incoming information, senses communicate throughout the entire body. Messages travel throughout the body signaling how to react.
  5. Circulatory – This system transports oxygen, waste, nutrients, hormones, heat, and more throughout the body through blood and lymph.
  6. Immune – Fights disease, protecting the body from foreign substances, cells, and tissues by producing the immune response, which we’ll discuss in great detail as we journey together!
  7. Respiratory – Breathe! With each breath, you carry oxygen into the body. Each exhale works to rid the body of carbon dioxide through a secondary “chimney!”
  8. Endocrine – Glands and organs control body functions sending chemical messengers called hormones through the bloodstream to the rest of the body. I like to call this the “glandocrine system” to help me remember!
  9. Excretory – The Urinary Tract is part of the excretory system, cleansing the blood, ridding the body of wastes, and maintaining salt and water balance. This is super-important for regulating blood volume, blood pressure, controlling levels of electrolytes and metabolites, and regulating blood pH. We’ll dive into pH! Fun!!!
  10. Reproductive – This system produces sex cells (sperm and eggs). Produces sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen). Nurtures the unborn baby.
  11. Digestive – This system is our primary “chimney” that breaks food into tiny molecules to be used as fuel and absorbed as nutrients, and ridding the waste that is not of benefit. There is a gut biome which needs to be repaired in most people today, and in doing so will help with a myriad of common issues, including emotional balance. Have you heard of the “second brain?” or the “gut-brain connection?” The digestive system includes the Liver – a kingly organ – and one we can’t live without and will talk about often!

Each of your AMAZING 11 body systems has a unique function! YET – every organ system depends — directly or indirectly — on all of the others!

Did you know that there are emotional connections to symptoms as well?

So much to discover!!!

Today, let’s just talk about what this means to start the journey of perhaps a WHOLE new way of looking at YOU.

YOU care. That’s what we can call it! Because… I know you do!

So, it’s time to discover new things about YOU that perhaps you’ve never thought of before. This may become the most empowering journey you will ever take. It will last your lifetime long, and give you an ability to support your whole self in ways that truly make a difference in your health AND your heroic, intentional, tender, loving, every day and every night personal care.

Your body is your temple, and YOU are worth the journey! Not to mention… it’s the only one you’ve got!

Thank you for watching the video.

If you’d like to start YOUR WHŌLENESS JOURNEY, we’d love to offer you some support and cheers for the adventure!!!

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Health care takes YOU care, and it’s way better than sick care, all day every day.

Here are two of the fantastic resources for your adventure that I referenced in the video:

Be Whōle!



My help [and health!] comes from the Lord, the Maker, who made heaven and earth.” ~Psalm 121:2


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