As the time passes beyond this #anothersecond, and as we walk into this year 2019, I looked back at my best nine images of the last four years. I thought I’d call out the themes of each year:


I find it interesting that other than our Easter photo of 2015, eight of the nine were posts that I had made the week of and after Michael’s passing.

If I had chosen a word for 2015, I don’t remember what it was, but in the final month, it became our greatest year of loss. In God’s economy, we determined to beg for #purposenotclosure. 2015 began to show us what hope through devastation would look like.


2016 was our year to #rise. We were all about breathing in and breathing out; our love for each other, open conversations about Mike, and the support of friends and loved ones allowed us to keep catching rays of light that would grow brighter with time and tears. I actually wore makeup like… twice… in 2016. A sign that someday, I might live a day without sobbing.


In 2017, we did choose a word: Presence. We began to see the parallels of the home renovations with our soul repair.


And in 2018, I find the posts interesting that had the most responses. They show me that our love for Mike’s legacy is strong. YOU chose these photos, and out of the bajillion things I wrote about, you still saw our family (of four) as loved. This showed me that you were not afraid of my healing expressions.

Now, today’s #anothersecond is coming to a close, and I want to thank you.

Thank you for being patient, as you’ve watched us struggle, cry, question, and persevere.

Thank you for hoping the best for us, and for upholding our family in prayer.

Thank you for believing that Mike remains alive and strong in our hearts and through my kids.

Thank you for understanding that we live this wobbly life with a foot here on this earth and another foot in eternity.

I’m grateful that it does not take much light to shine in the darkest darkness. In looking back to these Nines from December 2015 to today, I can only call these 37 months by one title, “The Light Years.”

And with the light of love, it goes to infinity and beyond…

So shine a light in 2019, even if it seems small. Because this truth remains:

In the presence of even the smallest light, there is no such thing as total darkness.

And then, keep feeding the light.



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