THANK YOU all for such a terrific season!
I’m thrilled to send these giveaways to you.
I find continual JOY in getting to work, serve, love, and grow with all of you beautiful, incredible, fantastic people!

Here’s to the SEASON TO COME!!!
*** In the video I mention at the beginning and again at the end some specials that I’d love to give if I have the honor of enrolling you before the end of the year with a Home Essentials kit! Please message me if that might be YOU! Thank you.

Here is the list in order of the winners and the names of those I recognized by new rank.
CONGRATULATIONS, friends!!! . . .

Christina Salsbery — Turmeric, Whisper
Melony Peters — Deep Blue 5ml
Martha Sharron — Pink Pepper, Serenity Complex
Donna Johnson — Lemon Myrtle, On Guard, Tangerine

MANAGERS will receive an oil that is valued at $15:

Donna Lipp
Morgane Earwood
Mary Jo Peak
Fran Martin
Darlene Brigham
Sarah Skotcher
Celeste Vanover
Lisa Wooten
Jen Tullis
Kasia Minor
Rochelle Akin
Donna Todd
Jane Giannattasio

Sheri Bishop — gift-bag set, 15ml Frankincense, Turmeric, Green Mandarin
Linda Pennington — Frankincense Touch, gift-bag set, Holiday Joy, Serenity

Directors will receive and oil that is valued at $15-$20

Steven Young
Dwana Struke
Ivy Hibbert
Michael Burchette
LeAnn Michler
Maci Cooper
Becca Kung
Jarad Hogg
Lark Hylton
Lea Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Vicki Russo

Tracy Cupp — Lime, gift-bag set
Alison Lyon — Peppermint, gift-bag set, Clutch, Magnolia
Kayla Wells — gift-bag set
Valerie McCormick — gift-bag set

Executives each receive a Balance Blend

Shelia Hibbert
Ami Stewart
Susan Stanford
Nancy Spencer
Lauren Brownlee

Elites each receive a Serenity Blend

Kathryn Burchette

Premiers each receive a Copaiba
Holly Sweetman
Kristen Hale
Jenny Highsmith

Bev Payne
— Breathe blend
Christina Grace — Pink Pepper
Debbie Cantu — On Guard
Tana Walker — Lemograss

Gold receiving a Jasmine Touch

Savannah Wallace

My frontline leaders:
Erin Smith — Lifelong Vitality Pack
Alexa Burns — Herō tee and leather oil pouch
Lyndsay and Lowrey Brown — Herō tee and leather oil pouch, and some oily goodness!
Kristi and Tommy Wood — Herō tee and leather oil pouch, and PB Assist
Elizabeth Zink — Herō tee and leather oil pouch, and some oily goodness!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and Blessings to all and to all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ami Shroyer
Serving to the Last Drop

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