Hey Friends!

I’ve been running posts each day in a Facebook event, for my Serving to the Last Drop team…
I’d love for you to JOIN US!

You can catch up on the video posts included in this blogpost, and then I will finish the final five for you in another post, or you can start viewing the rest with us via FB.

The LIVE giveaway event will be held on Saturday, December 22, 2018 at 2:00PM, EST. During the live video, we will ask trivia questions from the content posted throughout the twelve days. A gift will be given to the person live who types the fastest right answer in the comments.

If you cannot attend LIVE, NO WORRIES!
You can place comments under each FB post (or under THIS blogpost), and Sadiella and I will enter your name into some live random drawings for prizes.

Other gifts of recognition and gratitude will be given from our home and hearts to leaders on the team that have hit new ranks and gotten out of comfort zones in some super sweet ways since convention. We can’t wait to crank up the Christmas Cheer with music and celebration!!!

Here are the posts for Days One through Eight, so take your time and come back to this page to catch up before the 22nd!

Shine Bright!

Day One: Great Things Come in Threes!

*** I meant to say, “OUR” for “Operation Underground Railroad.” Learn more about them at ourrescue.org

Day Two: Two Wise Gifts, Frankincense & Myrrh!

Empowered Life Series: Cellular Health and Vitality, Laura Jacobs from doTERRATraining on Vimeo.

Day Three: LRP.
What is it?
Why use it?
Who is it for?
What are some of the extra rewards?

* Sorry for the Technical glitches on this one!

Day Four: Try A Daily Routine!

Day Five: A Closer Look at Yarrow Pom Pom Pom Pom!

Day Six: Did You Know?

Day Seven: Let’s Get On Guard!

Day Eight: “Frankenhance” A new Word Nerd mash-up!

2018 December GIVEAWAY Day!!!
Warning: Essential Oils Side Effects