Hello friends!

We hope you are having a fantastic year so far!

This week, for Foundations, I share a few memory hooks that we find to be helpful.

In Essentials, I celebrate you! You have made it through the first three weeks, and this week, we play with the imperative purpose together. I also teach songs for memorizing interjections and implied subjects in an imperative sentence. Have fun throwing in those interjections this week! They can be one-word, or multi-word interjections. They are most easily identified by exclamation points, but at times are sneakily hidden before commas. May you and your student play with the charts! May you start discussing them as you parse sentences together. Diagramming is fun!!! 


Enjoy your week!

Essentials Imperative

Essentials Interjection
Get in the Zone
Foundations and Essentials Week 3