Hello friends!

This week is loaded with information, but keep hanging in there!

In Foundations, I continue to offer some memory hooks that help our retention of content. If you have specific struggle areas, I’d love to know what they are and Sadie and I will do our best to help!

In Essentials, we are landing in the worlds of Nouns, of Pronouns, and we are beginning to parse (diagram) sentences.

Because there is a large amount to cover, this week is broken into multiple videos.

If you use the charts as launching pads for dialectic discussions with your student, you will discover a whole new world within words!

Take your time, and uncover all you can.

Have fun with Week 3!

It’s going to ease up soon; I promise! You will continue to return to these charts with deeper understanding over time.

Blessings from another lead learner,

Essentials Noun Usage
Essentials Noun Attributes
Essentials Pronouns
Foundations and Essentials Week 4
Essentials Overview