Hello Essentials families! 

Parents always wonder how to FIND and how to USE the information provided in this abundant curriculum!

With this video, I hope to help YOU navigate into discovering what you have, so that you will use it. I also share a short vision set-up that I use each year with my students to inspire us all to carefully honor the power of words and to create LIFE!

This journey is a challenging one, but you can do it!

Remember: We are developing great writers, and influencers, while setting the table for learning in a judgment-free zone — where learning to do hard things is a JOY!

What do Parents bring to class?

  1. The present week lesson from the EEL guide
  2. TWSS book for learning Units
  3. The free IEW writing app
  4. The History-Based Writing Lesson guide

What do students bring to class?

  1. Student Binder (watch for a post specific to this, coming soon!)
  2. Charts (I prefer them having all charts in a charts-only binder; you can also use the chart trivium tables)
  3. Any assignments to turn in
  4. Something to take notes on

How do parents prepare for class?

  1. Read lesson in EEL guide once through before class
  2. Skim over the new Unit
  3. Watch Andrew Pudewa videos

How do students prepare for class?

  1. Practice charts
  2. Know the definitions in the definitions box , found at the start of each new lesson in the EEL guide
  3. Play at home with vocab words; we don’t have time in class to do much with these, so we can play with them if students are prepared!


  1. Bring your happy heart and teachable spirit!
  2. Bring positive, life-giving words to share with others in the classroom!!!

Blessings from a lead learner!

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