Hello friends!

This week, we are highlighting some memory hooks to use with Foundations Cycle One/Week Two, and Essentials Week Two.

These videos are meant to help you spark conversations, or link information to other information.

I’d love to know how you find that these are helpful to you!

I would also like to share this FREE printable Question/Confirmation Algorithm download for you to enjoy! You will start to diagram sentences on Week Three. In Week Three’s video, I will demonstrate how we use this file. For now, you can create your printable. You can either copy into two pages and keep in a binder next to each other to follow, OR you can take this to your local office supply and they can connect the arrows for you and print all on one larger page (this is what I will show as it’s what I use).

These first few weeks are exciting! There is a ton of information coming your way, and you do not have to comprehend it all at once.

Come back to these videos at any time, and know that it will all make sense in time!

Blessings from another lead learner!

Question Confirmation Algorithm

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Essentials Overview
Foundations and Essentials Week One