Hello friends!

This week, we have been diving head first into Foundations Cycle One/Week One, and Essentials Week One.

These videos are meant to help you spark conversations, or link information to other information.

Please let me know how these posts help you!

I would also like to share this  FREE printable Essentials Daily At-A-Glance Checklist download for you to enjoy! We selected a guiding verse for the year, and each day offers a simple structure of ideas for you to be able to use what you have. There is SO MUCH to be discovered in our guides, and perhaps THIS guide will provide simple reminders of what you can use each day — no matter what tour you and your students are traveling!

Finally, allow me to share this fun video of Sadiegirl, having the Slime of her life!

Welcome back to another season of Foundations and Essentials!

May your school season be mixed with purpose and fun as you learn and grow through rich and beautiful conversations!

From another lead learner,

Keep the fun in the learning!

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Foundations and Essentials Week Two
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