My kids have been memorizing Timeline since Jeffrey was five. When we started, we used flashcards from Veritas Press, and I made hand motions and sound effects to help engage his creative mind (and mine), and create a rhythm of word patterns.

It worked!

Then a few years later, CC switched things up. We needed to memorize a similar – yet brand new – set of cards, with important facts separated by Ages (and the dates of those Ages) in World History. These are some of the hand-motion videos that  I created for my own kids, and then shared with our community.

Note: These are NOT meant to be formal. These are not ASL, although there are occasional signs that are fitting to the word flow.

My Objective: I wanted to challenge myself to hook one motion to the coming motion so that if students got stuck, lost, or found themselves repeating a loop of information with the repeated tune, they could simply… stop. By recalling a movement, they could let that movement lead them on into the next.

We’ve had a lot of fun with these, and hope that they will help you, too!

*** Note: I am unable to display the full set at once, because the song is copyrighted. If you want to contact me with proof that you are registered in a CC campus, I’d be glad to give you a private link to that for practice. I will add a full set without the music as soon as I am able.

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Thank you for joining your journey with ours.

From our home to yours,

These Timeline videos are numbered. 1-5 are motions with explanations as to why the particular signs or motions were selected with the words.  The motions were carefully selected to help the students have a tangible access trigger to lean on when the melody repeats or the dates are difficult.
Foundations and Essentials Week One
Lazy Song by Sadie