Lazy Song by Sadie

by Aug 24, 2018homeschool14 comments

Hello homeschool friends!

Join me and my daughter Sadiella this school year as we attack the lazy and work crazy hard to memorize material, complete projects, and have some fun along the way!

We are jumping from bed to school room, and together, we’ll share ideas with you that keep memory work fresh, English Grammar studies catchy, and subjects like geometry memorable.

Our family has been part of Classical Conversations for ten years. This is our final year in Foundations and Essentials, and we look forward to sharing with you tips and ideas that we have found successful through our journey! Our community has enjoyed celebrating 18-23 Memory Masters each year for a while now, and we find great JOY in cheering on the students (and parents) with discovering memory hooks that work for them!

We’d love to help you find the spark you need to reach your own goals!  Connecting with other students can ignite that spark of motivation!  There will be helpful info from me to parents, and Sadie promises to add the fun!

It’s ASTONISHING what your child (and you) can accomplish!

Here’s to a fantastic school season!

Let’s kick the lazies “goodbye!”

Edited: All you CC mamas know that my first back-to-school, snap-out-of-lazy, and jump-all-in action with Sadie will be to review the principal parts of the verb “to lie!” Haha! [homeschool mom wordnerds, unite! ]

P.S. I LOOOOOOOVE ESSENTIALS!!!! And we’ll be hanging out in word world, perhaps more than anywhere!

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