Will Film for Food videographer, Thomas Kivett Cook, took interest in Mike’s medical story. He interviewed me late last fall, and then went through hours of footage to decide what portion of the story to tell.

When Dr. Douglas Drossman agreed to enter the conversation, we joined our voices to call for the art of connection between families and doctors to return to the medical arena. I believe that if active listening and a strong patient/family connection had been present in the handling of Michael, we would have come through to a different end.

Someday, I want to discuss the specific medications that were given him unnecessarily, and the impact that those had on his rapid decline. I would love to host others — survivors — in telling their own stories in that conversation.

For today, I am incredibly grateful to doctors like Dr. Drossman, who will speak out and stand up for the advocacy of the patient voice.

Thank you, Kivett, for taking such care in telling this part of Michael’s story.
I hope and pray that it will help someone else — maybe even save a life.

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