I posted this on Facebook this morning after reading an email from an attorney, declining Michael’s case. My reaction is raw and real, but it is not void of hope.

[I explain a timeframe correction below…]


I love that word.

Mike used to tell me, “Ami, you see a light, and you get excited, ‘Ooooh, look – a light!’ and then it’s a train that pummels you to the ground. Suddenly, you are back up again. You see a light, and you get excited, ‘Oooooh, look – a light!’ PLEASE, do not EVER lose your HOPE.”

Since the video is over fifteen minutes to view, I will only write this:

Today, I feel free.
I can now simply tell Mike’s story in full, and ask the candid questions — straight from the medical records, from my note pages, and from the post-it tabs.

I want my questions to accomplish ONE THING:
To provoke [or begin] clear and honest thinking, which may lead to conversations and better choices.

* For those who are seeking to reclaim a HIGHER STANDARD of personal health and wholeness.
* For those who lead in our medical care communities.
* For those who have the power to build bridges between natural modalities and medicine.

It’s time for honest and candid questions.
There is power in conversation.
And within a collective whole, some positive changes may be made possible.

(And… I am truly serious about the Juice Bar. Please pray that the support and all that is needed comes through to make it happen. I am confident in moving forward in this, and have strong, vibrant vision that will shift this next season of “purpose in Mike’s Passing” into a whole new and happier place!!! I will find EVERY way we can to Serve to the Last Drop. For the sake of the greater goodness.)

Thank you for being a part of this story… Now let’s talk.
It’s time.


I referred to “spring to October” but it came out of my mouth backwards to what was in my head. I meant “October to spring.”
From an attorney timeline: the first recommended one, I reached out to just TWO WEEKS after Mike died. I had to wait to continue conversations with him until after I had records. Then when there was no requested toxicology report provided, I couldn’t move forward with that lawyer for eight months.
During that eight months, though, they sent me emails with the wrong Michael’s last name, so I asked for the correction. He apologized, saying, “Michael _______ is the name of my sport fishing captain.”
It was then that I stopped communications with that attorney. But he only wanted to settle something out of court anyway.
Second attorney conversations began at end of last summer. By October, those doors had closed (he’s the first scenario I mentioned in this video), and I was done.
So when this third came just before the first day of spring, and in the manner it came about, my hopes were high.

It bugs me that I spoke those time details backwards out of my mouth in this video. So I absolutely had to correct it.

I wish that having conversations to explain mis-steps were as simple.

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