Not at all liking what I’m reading. The careless dismissal and overuse of what is CURRENTLY available has already left countless sufferers in its wake.
I see an article like this and think, “Sheesh! What will happen when THESE are released and used recklessly too?”

Read this article

Our Health Care Community MUST get back to supporting what the human body has the power to do for itself.

There are healing avenues that the body will travel when supported naturally in the journey.

Our Health Care Community MUST put eyes-to-see and ears-to-hear less upon computer monitors and back on and within the patient interactions.
Eyes on.
Ears open.
Hands on.
Intuitive CARE.
The I-See-U kind.


In reading this and other articles surrounding “advances,” “changes,” or even just the name alterations within the realm of pharmacology: Where is the “Just Say No” campaign for pharmaceuticals? Who hears that word, and at what level of personal interaction?

Oh, that’s right. We did voice that little word. And that two-letter word held no power within those walls. And “the standard” is later to be defended over the eye-witness.

Did you know that at the VERY FIRST Urgent Care appointment Mike had, the nurse asked him to approve the shot in the leg AFTER she had already advanced the syringe into his leg. She worked intentionally at record-breaking speed, stating a few of the side effects WHILE that first drug combination was entering his system. She made light, saying with a laugh, “But if I told you all of that, you might have told me not to give it to you.”

No. Not funny.
Not even at the time.
Especially not now.

I’ve been really quiet for a while, and have been continuing to gather information that so many ppl just don’t want to hear.
But. it’s. so. important.
I can’t not speak out; I might pop.

Articles like this may seem to the reader as if a stronger [a thousand TIMES stronger, in fact] antibiotic that would require a lesser dose would be a good thing?

But what about those who are paralyzed by what’s out on the market right NOW [and being given out like candy, btw] who were paralyzed [or died] from the first or the second pill? What about the one shot that started it all?

One shot. One pill. Or two. Those are seemingly not excessive, right? But those delivering these medications don’t think, “this is poison.” Nor do people think, “this person’s body may not handle this toxic substance.”

They are also not fully educated on what the side effects can look like. I sat with a charge nurse WHILE Mike was entering a rapid and horrific visible muscular response, and it was nothing alarming to her, while it resembled the bubbling skin of Gremlins before they reproduced from water hitting their skin. I was freaking out. She responded with, “You need to trust Dr. ________. Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.”

But they hadn’t even identified the “it” yet.

“Risk vs. Benefits,” while intended as a safeguard, is a dangerous dangerous phrase.

So, being that tragedies and sufferings are not rare with what is already available [even though the papers and articles state the words “extremely rare” before the lists of harsher and more devastating effects], and even though in this article, it clearly states that no animals or humans have yet been tested, things still –> move –> forward.

They admit at the end of this short article,
“Sometimes modifications make the drug more toxic and harder to give patients.”

So how do they know this?

And because they know this, why do they not admit when it is happening?

They know this because modifications like:
* the generic forms of many drugs, [which are protected by law, as you cannot take legal action against a generic]
* and the combined uses with other drugs [thus creating modifications]
um… hurt people. Lots of people.

[And the statistics released of negative effects are incredibly low to the reality. Many are not recognized as being connected with drugs, and most are never reported. Nor do they include the countless persons in the caregiving-now-for-life or in the learning-to-live-with-loss-for-the-rest-of-our-lives-on-this-earth categories in the statistics.]

No, there is no sunshine statement at the end of this post from me, my friends.

Tomorrow is exactly a year and a half after losing Michael Shroyer to what I KNOW was drug related [since he had not had any since having tonsils out at 9, it was easy for us to see the patterns and effects]. However, because it is nestled within a system that completely protects years of experimentation on human bodies and the giving of harsh drugs before proof of the diagnosis or need of them is confirmed, the professionals were not able to see.

In so many cases, there is not enough time to support drug effects. They hit the market and doctors begin using them. After reading about many drugs that began as an aide to one illness, but switched to be prescribed for a completely different diagnosis so not to ditch the drug altogether, and thus attempt to make back the high cost of creating it, I believe we are seeing the later years play out of experimentation phases. I say this because we know that drugs are pulled from the market once “enough is enough.” But it takes decades to get to that turning point. So the trusting doctors and the trusting people play their roles in the storyline. And there are many who have fallen under the risks, while leaders have been trying to raise the stats in favor of benefits.

A few things I find important to know:
* FQs are being used for children. I just think you need to know that.
* A former FDA Commissioner is presently in a lawsuit, charged for hiding ill-effects and true reports of certain FQs while those drug families were being given an extra push through reps as safe for use – and recommended for specific ailments. Doctors of course started using them more … all while the former head of FDA’s husband invested in those drugs… and they made millions.
You can follow the story. If you can find it.

Am I mad? Yes.

In fact, all of this drives me to want to DO something about this.

But I can’t even get a few humans to admit that what actually happened to my husband was what it was, and that it was wrong.

Do you want to know why?
Because it’s hard to find a doctor who will look at the system of decision-making that was used and be willing to say, “It should have been done differently. That should not have happened.”

Instead, most think through the standard they are taught to follow and think, “I probably would have done the same thing.”

That. Is. What. Scares. Me.
It keeps me up at night.
I am continually meeting people who are LIVING through the after-effects of harmful decisions made, and they are paralyzed, in pain, suicidal, or trying to find a way to regain their pre-drugged selves.
They keep me supercharged with the passion to DO something to advocate on their behalf and to try to save others from such harm.

And do you know what?
People DO get sick.
And do you know what else?
People TRUST doctors in hospitals.
I shudder as I wonder whose unsuspecting life could be hurt badly or lost because of more of this.

People NEED to become proactive with natural body health. Mike wouldn’t have withstood ELEVEN DAYS of what happened to him in that hospital if his body hadn’t been as strong as it was. He fought hard until his body gave way to the tests and excessive drugs on the 1st of December. But his will would have kept the fight. It wasn’t until he was forced into an anaphylactic state that his will could no longer sustain him. And we lost, but he was freed on December 2nd, 2015.

I saw glimpses behind the curtain of The Wizard. And just like in the movie, right there in Emerald City, the man behind The Wizard nervously ran the levers up and down… the difference in the movie though? He finally got real, stopped trying to be more than he was, and stepped out.

I think it’s time to stop with the levers and step out. It’s time to get busy building bridges within the worlds of medicine and natural modalities. It time to strengthen bodies … for real.

It’s hard. Yes. But to the doctors living in the dichotomy of “This is NOT how I would treat my own wife or child,” or “If I ever get ______, I don’t want this treatment,” please… step out.

I met a doctor in his office while he was in the midst of ordering the cold-pressed, organic coconut oil for his family at home. He said to me, “There is a natural health solution for 80% of the medications on your mother’s list.”

I replied, “I’m so glad you see that! I’d love for you to help her reduce some of those and tell her what to do instead.”

“I can’t do that.”

I looked at him, perplexed.

“If I were to help patients in the way that you are asking me to help your mother, I would see one patient a day, and I would never make any money. There are certain standards I am required to follow in this job. But perhaps when I retire, I’ll be able to provide that for a few people.”

Okay, so he’s not the guy who will step out.
But man! How I wish he would! Oh, how I wish he would.

You and I can step out though; we are not standing on the “step out vs. sell out” line in any way.

So, I believe we need to step UP.

It seems to me that the REMEDY is to get fired UP about your own personal health and that of your family.

MAKE the changes.
BE the difference.
LEARN what you need to know.
DO what you need to do.

So what if it’s hard!

Because you know what?

I certainly want to avoid needing to be given a drug like this one in this article that may make its way to the market. And from what I’ve seen, once it’s approved, I’m not very trusting that the industry will handle it with proper care. It costs millions of dollars to release a drug. They are then required to recommend them for use in order to make back the invested money and turn a profit. If a drug such as this hits the market but is only needed in the rarest of cases? Do the math; common sense says that it doesn’t add up. Unless a dose costs an exorbitant amount of money or unless the need for it is there. And Heaven forbid.

So, lots to think on.
This is the stuff that never occupied my brain space to this level until our personal lives were leveled.

So, friends! Let’s work together to heal.
Whole people may avoid this.
Be. Whole.
We have a WHOLE LOT OF HEALING to do.

I’ll do my part; will you do yours?
I hope. And if so, we bring purpose over closure, and I can hold onto that.


May All of My Questions Lead to Conversations
From 2016 - The Year of Rising to 2017 - The Year of Action