As 2016 comes to a close, there are so many individuals and people groups to thank.

2017 will provide a timeline of forward movement, and the Shroyer3 have determined that as we walk through the revolving door of 2016’s Year of Rising, that we will confidently move into 2017’s Year of Action!

You may enjoy reading my raw words written two weeks after Mike’s rising. I was uncertain of what would happen to the ministry and to our lives ahead, so I pressed the PAUSE button in order to huddle, to heal, and to hold onto the Hope of the God of our Certainty – our Present-Help in each passing moment. Then we faced a year of moment after moment, after every new change, and every new moment.

January, February, March

During the late winter and start of spring, decisions were made to let go of the ministry property, and we found Writer House, and made big moves. The ministry funds and activity were somewhat frozen. Our Classical Conversations Community of friends and families held us tightly and became such a strong steady force of holding-us-up. Friends helped us clean, pack, and move. Friends helped us with immediate needs of the new-to-us old home that we found. And we moved in at the end of March. Special thanks to the Garvins, the Woods, and the Kanoys who seemed to be available and ready around every corner — identifying needs that we had, even before we could see them!

April, May, June

During April, we were getting ready for end-of-year school testing, and learning the newfound art to breathe. Just as we began to settle in, Dad passed away, and May and June marked another pause on our settling and unpacking.. and we moved Mom.

One extremely special miracle I will hold in my heart forever, came during this season through the Shroyer [and Frederickson] family members! I was so deeply moved when thirteen Shroyer-side family members made their way to Meadville, PA to support us through the celebration of my father. Most of our family members were unable to attend, but I found that we were supported and upheld by people who loved me, simply because they loved Mike. And they expressed love for my Dad — a man they didn’t even know — out of expressing the glorious Art of Family. THIS WAS HUGE. Such simple actions were so profoundly unforgettable.

In today’s world, the Art of Family is often lost, and these family members showed us an outpouring of love through their time and travel sacrifices. Those sacrifices are now etched into the foundation of my children forever. And I am so thankful.

In the next months, unexpected cousins would pay our mortgage for us to help us get our bearing, and family members would continue to reach out through phone calls each week, through cards, and through visits to North Carolina.
This. Was. Beautiful.

I was seeing my kids watch the opening of spring blooms from relational seeds that their father had planted with his lifetime of love to his family.

July, August, September

During these months, we had much travel with Camp KidJams. This brought joy and fun. Life.

While we were home, we visited with Nana, and we saw that the core families of the Wide Open Ministries’ Cre8 Family Gatherings began to rise and gather more and more. There began a resurgence of Hope and Healing. And as people like The Youngs offered their home, and The Poplins organized studies, a beautiful group of people began to rise out of despair and yearn for a new future season.

This is a big deal to us, because Mike and I both had individual missional passion before we combined our lives, and I needed to see that this ministry was not attached to a vision that died with Mike, but that was based on the Truth of Scripture and the Purposes of God’s Passionate Followers — a Vision that would live on based on what God needs of His Body in this Present World.

October, November, December
During these months, we were seeing a beautiful team leadership among our Classical Conversations Community, we were provided a new meeting space in High Point by Tom Higgins for the ministry, and the kids and I were in and out of town to record music that had been written in the earlier months of this Year of Rising. The Good Grief Project Began.

Special Thanks and Shout-outs to:
Jeff Sandstrom – Producer
Cheryl Rogers – Arranger
Scott Meeder – Drums
Jason Hoard – Guitars, Mandolin
Matt Adkins – Guitars
Joe Reda – Bass
Sonny Lahlerstadt – Guitar overdubs
Rachael Gillis – BGVs
Jeffrey B. Scott – BGVs
Family choir – Jordan Sasser, Alex Sasser, Maggie Scott, Jack Scott, Ali Scott, Jeffrey B. Scott, Ryder Thomason.

The kids and I had a blast singing and worshiping with these AMAZING PEOPLE!!!

Other thanks go to songwriters Jonatha Brooke, Lauren Daigle, Lincoln Brewster, Bryan and Katie Torwalt, and Shane and Shane for writing songs that held us and gave us words to express our Hope and Deep Love through this grief passage.

I also want to thank Lauren Wood for helping me with business paperwork!

And of course, Mabyn Ludke Photography, Mabyn Henderson — for capturing our continual growth and rising.

And HUGE shout outs need to go to Jason Hunnicutt and Sergey Lysak from Buzzhive for helping me organize the categories of our life into this one spot in cyberspace! We love the site and all that you guys are doing, and I am so excited to see the evolution of 2017’s Year of Action! We’ve laid a foundation, and we are set to move now! Thank you!

Throughout the ENTIRE YEAR, shoutouts go out to give MAJOR PROPS and celebration to my dōTERRA team leaders! Meet the Team at the bottom of this page! You have been changing the world, one drop and one act of serving at a time! This is going to be our best year to come!!! Thank you for continuing to rise into your own during 2016. Your businesses have reaped incredible reward and others are experiencing greater healing because of you. I am SO proud to be a cheerleader for your gifts and successes. I am HONORED to send new wellness seekers directly to you. You are educators and wholeness lovers! You lead with love and excellence, and You are beautiful!

Year End Giving

I have not made any pleas for funding this year. I didn’t run a song-recording fundraiser campaign. We have seen growth that has been organic and natural as needs are being met through sharing of the wellspring the Lord has flooded over us.

If anyone would like to share any tax-deductable year-end gifts with Wide Open Ministries, we are HAPPY to announce that there is forward movement and activity ahead!

What Your Donations Will Go Toward

* More music and resources for families – when I have written daily on the site, the responses have been overwhelming. People have let me know that they would begin each day with a cup of coffee and their Bible. Win!!! Therefore, I plan to begin providing seasons of daily devotionals and writings for individuals as well as #ondeckdevotions for use between parents and children.

* Our in-person events [bible studies, creative environments, and monthly family worship nights] will have what we need to increase.

* Cre8-a-Wish was begun by Mike, and as a budget line-item, it opens help through support and service to families within the community in need. This will grow.

* We are looking to form an “act-of-actions” group to provide hands-on need-filling to others with a relational emphasis. This will be exciting, and we have learned GREATLY what the power of a community of active hands and feet in the life of a family provides. It’s time to share from that overflow!

These are a few glimpses of what is to come, and there will be so much more as we plan to discover ways to grow as an online communitywhere YOU can be a part from wherever you are!


In closing, let me say that the list of names would be pages upon pages if I were to name you all!

I hope that this at least TOUCHES on the gratitude of the Shroyer3.
If you are looking to support our family in supporting other families, I do hope that you will consider giving a tax-deductable donation to the growth of Wide Open Ministries. Every little bit helps, and whether you give through the Donate Link or by buying and sharing our new music, every bit you give will go directly into the ministry funds, allowing it to grow and take new Action.

If you prefer to send a check, they must be dated 2016 for this end of year, and may be mailed to:
Wide Open Ministries
309 Ardmore Circle
High Point, NC 27262

Most of all, our family ends the year 2016 with ONE Desire:
To RAISE THE NAME of JESUS, our Healer — the ONE who takes all that is broken, and brings Life! It is all because of Jesus that we have risen, and raise high the Hope that carries us through every new day….

2017 — The Year of Action.

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ~ Matthew 28:18-20

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