This video is hard to watch. It was hard to put together. To shrink a story that can take nearly three hours to tell into a concise ten minutes was a challenge. Therefore, I will begin an open narrative through this site, in the hopes to save someone else from the road we are now having to journey on.

Over the next several posts, I will cover topics such as [but not limited to] these:

* Chronology with images and comparisons
Explaining specific moments from this video, the timing of his weight loss, and more.

* Humanity in the midst of this horror [and why I don’t HATE the doctors and leaders], and how I am choosing to handle my anger.

* The Current Standard of Care that was evidenced in all three separate Medical Facilities [we went to 3 different hospital entities with the same results], and the reasons this standard sent Mike home from those five urgent visits. I’ll tell how this standard played out in the final hospital, hindering/clouding/complicating the simple help that Mike needed. [I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I know what we experienced, and the patterns were clear. I believe these patterns need some serious attention from the people who can do something about it.]

* Medication Toxicity [this is so important!]

* FAQs such as:

Why are you not choosing litigation at this point?
Why do you think the standard needs to be raised? What does that even mean?
What support have you found to uphold your belief that Mike’s cause of death was from medication toxicity? Was he tested for autoimmune/cancer/infectious disease… what “mysterious illnesses” were they looking to find?

* I will share what Mike was saying all along. And why I believe that others were not able to see and hear what seemed so obvious to us.

* We’ll talk about hydration and the signs of over-toxicity and of the end stages of his life that went unseen and how I believe that can happen.

* I’ll share how I received the autopsy report, and the fight for the Toxicology Report. There are huge concerns I have in the standards there, as well as certain drugs and drug families that harm people in alarming numbers. I will tell you how Mike’s passing avoids being in such statistics and why I fear the impact is far beyond those numbers.

* I will share what the meetings were like with the leaders, what I had hoped in walking into those meetings, and what I still hope to see happen, even though that door was closed.

* People have asked how we were handling Mike’s original symptoms and I will share from that openly as well.

* I believe there are messages through Mike’s passing that could teach medical professionals, caregivers, drug companies, patients, and patient families. A doctor held Mike’s hand before she left for her days off [having no belief that it was her last time to speak to him], “Michael, every once in a blue moon, someone comes along like you and teaches us. I want you to know that as hard as this is, we are learning from you.” I want to make sure that that is true — not only for her, but for anyone willing to learn something vital from this tremendous loss.

I hope that you will follow along. It may take 11 days of purpose, or it may come to you much faster. I am fitting this into life, as we — like you — are finding joy this Christmas Season. Last year, everything we walked through flooded my mind around the clock. This year, I have a gift now that I can give as we seek ways to raise awareness, and lift one man’s story to impact the greater good.

These messages are important to anyone who has ever reacted in reverse to medications. The words are equally vital to anyone who administers meds, uses them, or knows someone who will. In America, that’s all of us. Change cannot happen unless we care enough to care. May this cause you to self-educate, and to care more for your own body’s needs. May it fine-tune your ability to “see” and “hear” those trusting in your care.

Mike’s words were spoken over and over again, “Stop looking at my vitals; look at me! Help me.”

So, over the next posts, my prayer is that we will “take a look.”
And then do something about it.

Thank you.

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