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Sitting in the cafe this morning with the kids, I spilled not my coffee, but my heart.

We are always open with the kids and include them in major decisions and ask for their prayers. They spilled encouragement all over me. And as a mom and a lover of Jesus who wants to impart that same kind of love, and even more, into her children… Wow. Just… wow.
Here are just a few of their passionate words:
“If helping Baby Jenna was the only reason why God called us to do Cre8, then it would have stopped there. But it didn’t stop, and it just keeps going. If the reason we were called to do Cre8 was for Jimmy [the homeless man], then it would have stopped there. But it didn’t stop, it just keeps going…”
I asked the kids if they are 100% okay knowing that while other friends and family members of ours are using their best working years to save for their kids’ futures, we may need them to be on their own, with little help from us, when it comes to college and their future money supply. 
J. Michael met that with, “Of course it’s okay. We are to live for the day and do what God asks. That’s what you and Dad are doing, and He always takes care of us. He will do the same for me and Sadie too. I mean, He wants us to trust Him… and the prize isn’t something you get. The journey IS the prize. We aren’t supposed to worry about tomorrow; we’re supposed to do the most with what we have today, and just keep praying about today and give ourselves to it, whatever it brings.”
I asked them if they really believe that what we are doing is helping anyone long-term… and goodness—they fired story after story at me.
I reminded the kids of several encounters we have had that appeared to be large financial breakthroughs and explained how each one halted for whatever reason. J. Michael said confidently, “But Mom—God knows the exact right time; we don’t. I have to think that He knows when, and all of those will happen at the same time. God knows what He wants to accomplish and how much it takes to make it all happen. We just can’t give up.”
I am so incredibly grateful for the families who are embracing the cultural shift of relational community, who are truly realizing that it’s not about attending something to “get,” but rather to be bringing the best of who they are in order to “give” of themselves to each other. A very small few really want to do that. But they sure are making a HUGE difference because of it. I hope it multiplies.
I wish I could remember all of the comments from the kids. For over an hour, they ministered to me. They said that they pray every day for Daddy—that he will not get tired of loving people. 
“Mom, people are growing, and when something grows, you can’t see the end or the beginning. It’s not yet what it will become—it’s… growing.”
They pray. And they pray.
In asking them, “What if this whole thing is just one huge mistake?” they replied, “If this is a mistake, it’s the best mistake we’ve ever made!”
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