I almost couldn’t remember my password to this blog-site; it’s been too long! This will be a short one, as I still have lesson plans to create for tomorrow’s Classical Conversations Day, tutoring both Foundations classes and Essentials of the English Language to energetic students and their hard-working teacher-moms.

Our time is well-filled, to put it mildly. There really has not been time to write. We’ve had many writing JOBS, however, with near-immediate deadlines—jobs providing daily bread (finances) for our family from our Daily Bread (Creator/Sustainer). In fact, this week, Mike will be writing at a fast and furious pace. 
There is this special you-and-me kind of writing, though—these blog letters—that continue to take a backseat to… LIFE.
I cannot write the Life Stories fast enough.
There are some great ministry stories coming to you soon in the form of video, and I’m excited about those.  But there are daily life moments that simply happen too quickly to tell every story.  People we meet (especially those who love stories) discover in no time that there are real-time, happening-daily stories, and many to tell.
We spent an afternoon and evening last night with a couple who has been hurt by people while doing sacrificial “church work.” This couple is now finding Life again, each and together in their personal callings. So, the hours flew by, story after story, an ebb an flow of their stories and ours. Each story heard and shared was breathing Life and Hope into this couple, like a spiritual inhale and exhale, and we are excited to see what God will do with the more. More time together. They are eager to love people again, and get involved in lives again. Those of you who have been hurt in church work know how hard that can be for some. But there comes a time for healing, and for more.
Several months ago, I told you about a mother and her son in an urgent situation that came to the door of Cre8Home in the pouring rain. They continue to come in and out of our lives, and this week they returned. The amount of darkness behind their eyes gripped me. We extended the help they needed, a ride. A no-big-deal ride in a car to get from Point A to Point B (sometimes God will use the simplest things).
The next day, they returned.  And the next.  And today.
So I sat here at the café window, watching this boy play outside with my son, fighting off imaginary bad guys with pretend swords.  He was able to escape his scary reality and be a boy.  A ten-year-old. A ten-year-old boy. For just a few hours each day, he comes over to play with my children, to throw his head back, to smile, and to belly laugh.
He and his mother are facing their urgent situations, and at this point the child may be on his way to a group home. It makes me want to rush God. Yet, that is impossible, and God is the More. So we walk toward Him, and trust that His timing is perfect, even for a family who needs more than we can provide them through this ministry today. 

Last night’s story-sharing conversations were with a couple from Winston who have taken interest in this ministry and want to see it truly flourish. They were here to show another couple the grounds, to walk the land, to catch the vision, and to see the activity with their imaginations—activities that are possible for the future’s reality.

The TRUTH is: we need much. In order for this land, the studios, the fitness trails, the educational and life-skill facilities to take shape… we need more. God Himself knows what that “more” is, and He has been the “more” to this point, and has “more than provided.”  I mean, we are still here. This ministry is still debt-free!
Sometime soon, I need to start writing some of the stories we tell. Perhaps those who belong to them will be brave enough to share them for themselves.
Thank you for reading this. I watched between twelve and fifteen families today gather together over the Word, and enjoy creative expressions, contemplative applications, prayerful moments, rich conversations, and delicious food. These families (all of us) are stronger today than we were a year ago. I saw friends who haven’t been relationally connected in a while immediately feel welcomed, and linger with loving fellowship because that is just what happens, no exceptions.
Then as people were leaving, my children continued to play with a local boy whose life is very much in need of this kind of Love, his mother needing to choose Life for herself and for her son.
There is no particular point to this blog entry.
I just wanted to let you know that Life is happening. And “more” is coming.
Fresh Bread is Daily. 
Life is in each moment. 
Loving “More.”
Wings of Change
Giving Thanks for the BIG Little Things