God has such a beautiful way of demonstrating His faithfulness.  His moments that communicate “Hold on and don’t lose heart;  Wait on Me,” grab my attention and my affection surrenders afresh.  Even amidst the still-unanswered, there continues a stillness that steadies us.  And we give praise.
We read words and hear teachings that let us know that God has what we need, even before we ask.  Do we believe it?  Sometimes, just to make certain that we do believe Him in the infinite, He will lovingly provide in such finite things: tuition, coffee, a grand piano.
Because we keep our ministry monies separate from our family’s, not drawing a salary from the ministry, but rather from minimal contract work, every… job… sustains!  At the start of the school year, I needed to pay the kids’ tuition money in full.  We did not have it (so I thought, anyway).  We went ahead and wrote the check for $1375 for the year, and found out THAT SAME AFTERNOON that we would be receiving a check from a job that was going to be $750.  Only instead of the $750, due to recalculations, they would be sending us $1375 for the job. 

We gave thanks.
God already had set in motion what He knew was needed BEFORE we needed it.
Last month, households all around NC received free Keurig machines as a test for the company.  We were not one of those selected homes.  However, we had been thinking about getting a second one for the ministry.  While hosting an education group here at Cre8Home, some women were talking about the free machines.  At the end of the week, one woman walked into the kitchen, looked at me, and said, “Here.  I brought you something.
In her hand was a Keurig that she had been holding at her home for over two weeks, not sure what she wanted to do with it.  Her household was one that received the card in the mail.  Even though she already has one and even though she is the only coffee drinker in her home, she filled it out, curious to know if the offer was legit.  Her husband asked her what she was going to do with it when it arrived.  She replied to him, “I don’t know.  I’m going to pray about it.”
After telling me that story, she said,  “On Monday, I knew that this is the home where this little coffee maker belongs.  I will be praying blessing over the ministry that is happening here.”

We gave thanks.
God already had set in motion what was needed BEFORE we needed it (in this case, not really a need—just something to bless).
Today we found out that we are being offered a beautiful grand piano.  Mike and I spent the morning wondering whether or not we should accept the gift and move it here.  You see, at 3:00 this afternoon, the landowner’s real estate agent was coming to look at this lot and add Cre8Home to the listing.  If you have been following this story, then you know that the owner is desperate to sell.  We are on track as a ministry for the original lease-to-purchase timetable, but with their changes and urgency, we are not able to make purchase at what the bank needs right now—but he must sell now.  We are growing weary of the state of limbo that we have been living in, and yet, every day spent here has been purposed and beautiful.  We have gone to sleep every single night grateful.  Extremely grateful.  I-can’t-even-tell-you-how-grateful grateful.
Anyway, we are making the arrangements to have the piano delivered on Saturday.  It’s so amazing to me as the piano wish was not even a prayer, certainly not a need… barely a whisper in my soul.  I have been playing my old keyboard for a few hours every night, spending time with my Creator, and praying over this land, over this ministry, and over our lives, our city, our nation.
To think that God would then provide a grand piano that I had not even spoken of out loud to anyone?

I give thanks.
God already had set in motion what was needed BEFORE we needed it (in this case, not even a need, a prayer, or even a full thought.  Just something to bless… Him.)
As things continue to move forward, we will continue to pray firmly and live thankfully.  We will continue to love openly and believe wholeheartedly.  We will do our best to wait patiently… and as we do, I will play in gratitude to the God who knows what we need, even before we ask.
I will post a picture (and perhaps a song) after this gift arrives on Saturday.
Here is a sneak peek:

To us, right now even a Keurig is a big purchase. Yet, if God can provide coffee, tuition, and a grand piano, then surely every finite thing is within His infinite reach.

Praying for the land.
Giving thanks.
Clear the Conviction/Condemnation Confusion