There are just so many stories happening all at once to share, and in order to express them in writing or in video, it will take a great deal of time.  I feel, however, like I need to express something or I just may pop.
Did you know that more than you could ever imagine can happen in a year?
Did you know that even though we are unsure as to the future of this property that we have complete peace in what God has done and will do?
Did you know that if money is not going into big salaries, it can go far in the lives of others for the sake of Jesus?
Did you know that when people with some of the darkest areas of darkness collide with love and not judgement, they will allow some light in, and that healing can begin?
Did you know that Light will overtake darkness and bring freedom?
Did you know that when a larger amount of caring people each give an hour or a few hours of time to one hurting person in an extremely concentrated season, that it can be more effective than years and years of office counseling sessions?
Did you know that if you are open and eager to love others, that it won’t matter to you what it is that they struggle with?
Did you know that you may even meet people that believe we came from an alien planet?

Did you know that Our Almighty God is bigger than little alien god?

Did you know that just like in the days of Elijah, He will show them?

Did you know that God will protect your family and your children, and will provide for all of your needs?
Did you know that these things (and more) are only things that you will know if you love them out?  For they are impossible to know if limited only to head knowledge.
Did you know that getting out of boxes opens the gift of Jesus to everyone around you?
Did you know that if you create a box with the expectation that people will just find it and jump into it, that very few will?  Did you know that even those that do will quickly outgrow your box?
Did you know that everyone around you needs His Love?
Just checking.
Sharing will come soon, I hope.
For now, we are walking alongside friends, turning some BIG STORY pages in the lives of the beautiful.  
And for now, we have much-needed family time to experience, and birthdays to celebrate.
Did you know that Jeffrey Michael is about to turn 10???
Did you know that I just felt my heart rate go up a little?
Did you know that I am enormously proud of the young man he has become and in spite of that little heart palpitation, that I am looking forward to the next 10 years in his life?
Did you know that you are fantastic and that everything about you is fantastic?
More on that later . . .
It has been a week of New Birth.
And did you know that Cre8 had a baby and a bunch of beautiful people were reborn?
Did you know that there are no mistakes, only miracles?
Did you know that after days of naps and rest, I will write in a far less cryptic manner, and spend some time with you?
Did you know that I very much look forward to that day?
Have a great weekend!!!!
The Man in the Red Coat
To-Be-Tuesday (Thankful)