Hello, Blogger.  It’s been a while.
I stepped in here today to view an encouraging comment someone made on the last entry, dated November 1.  Yeah, November 1st.  ::sigh::  I am NOT great at the discipline of regular blogging.
It’s funny, though.  The encouragement was quite timely,  AS WAS the re-reading of that November 1st post.  In fact, it was desperately needed . . . TODAY.
This week, several things are happening simultaneously.  I cannot wait to share with you a birth story that is a true ONE LIFE MIRACLE—an extremely delicate real-life story with details too intricate to have been orchestrated by even the most careful, meticulous human planning and reason.  No, it is quite obviously a real-life… miracle!  Simultaneously, the owner group of this property that we are leasing is facing potential bank foreclosure, and Mike will be meeting with all parties currently involved to see if staying here is a possibility.
Lots to share.  Many questions are awaiting answers.  Yet we rest easy tonight, with encouraged hearts and refreshed spirits.  Not due to circumstantial changes, but simply because we trust in the God Who set the world into motion and hung every star in space.  He’s in the details.
(Just so you know, though, I do have a running list of topics on a phone note to get to.)
I just deleted the first ending to this blog which was calling it a night and had me heading off to bed…. but now I am actually on stand-by, with the potential of heading to the hospital to see this little ONE LIFE greet the world very very soon…
Exciting days.
Just pray.  In all ways.  Pray.  In every way.  Pray.  As you are led.  Pray.
Thank you friends!!! 
To-Be-Tuesday (Thankful)