I tackled the project of creating classroom scratch-a-prize cards to use as rewards for our CC classrooms at the end of the day each week.  It looked so simple; what I did not plan on was that the metallic paint with added soap literally took nearly two days to dry.  Because I don’t have time in life to watch paint dry, I came up with a speedy solution that works just as nicely.  Browse my twice-attempted Scratch-a-Prize turned PEEL-A-PRIZE cards, and make your very own!  I hope your students will love them as much as mine!
I began with metallic paint, dish soap, and printed cards (sheets of 6 rewards each on card-stock and cut with paper cutter).
The cards reveal the prize that students are shooting for, should they earn the end-of-the-day classroom reward.  Here are a few more ideas:
We adjusted the rewards to fit each age group.  You can see the reflection of the clear contact paper that is coating each prize.  This is a MUST before adding the paint.
2 parts paint to 1 part soap.  If I ever try this with paint again, I will skip the soap and hope it works better.
It took hours and hours to dry… and needed several coats which meant more dry-time.  Who has time for that?  “Not I,” said every teacher/Mom ever.
I was far less than thrilled with the turnout, and knew I would not have the patience to do 24 weeks of these, times every classroom that requested them.  So “pinch-hit innovation” kicked in and I went to work; THANKFULLY it took FAR LESS TIME, making me happy once again over this supposed-to-be-fun idea!
So the cards were printed as PEEL-A-Prize, and I was off to the races once more, cutting and placing the clear contact paper.
Immediately following the clear contact paper, I simply cut BLACK CONTACT PAPER smaller, to fit within the edges of the clear.
Not many projects around here are without chalk ink, so I scribbled question marks over the squares to add to the feeling of mystery!
Notice that my sweet husband thought to type each classroom name along the side of each card, so that I could pile them easily and hand them to the appropriate teachers to have and enjoy.
There you have it folks!  So far, they are proving to be successful; it is always a good feeling to end each school day on a high note.  I’ve got a “peeling” that the rest of the year just may follow…
To-Be-Tuesday (Thankful)
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