Oh Where Oh Where has my little blog(ging) gone?

Sorry that I have been such a blogslacker!!!  There is MUCH to catch up on… I hope to write out some stories soon.  For today, just know this: there is a vast difference between being in ministry where you spend hours at a desk or in an office, and ministering out of life itself.  Personal can be messy, but in the personal, there is real.
We are loving the real.
A day might look like this: a song written, floors cleaned, grass mowed, a friend celebrated, a listening ear offered, prayers uttered, someone lonely welcomed… 
At least that is what today looked like, so far.
I hope that every day is so becoming.
Love becoming.
Becoming love.
And this is how it feels.
Fishbowl Church, Mama Goose Community, and Horneytown NC
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