Okay friends!

Someday our professional EXPERT video family & friends will have to show you where we’re headed with Wide Open Acres and Cre8 Home. But for right now, you are stuck with me!  (And I just opened iMovie for the first time in my life last night!?!)
Before I take you into the home, around to the outbuildings and garden areas, or deeper into explaining the ministry vision for family, artistry, community, music, and all kinds of other good stuff… let me give you an intro to the property and let you see some nature and wildlife.

The original “W” caught our eye four years ago.  Once Wiley Farms, a family farm, and now… Wide Open Acres, a family gathering place.  We can’t WAIT to clean up the entrance and create a warm and natural, clean and colorful welcome for all who arrive!
Lots of “animal families” have already found a home on the land. We will now join them and thus renovate in such a way as to not disturb the nature too much or drive them away from the place where THEY create home.

And how about those teeth? Too bad beavers can’t help us rebuild worship spaces; they sure work hard!
(Our kids are going to discover what it means to be families full of BUSY BEAVERS!)
More soon…
So Blog-Gone Busy!
And Speaking of Prayer...