Being raised a pastor’s daughter, Sunday mornings were ALWAYS early-to-rise.  When I traveled and sang, Sundays were exceptionally early in order to include travel time, set up, and sound check.  When Mike and I served on staff in churches, we were always there early, usually by 7a.m.  When kids came along, so were they!  Just remembering the Sunday juggling act with babies in tow is exhausting!  But boy, I had it down—snacks in strollers, nursing during breaks between services (making two serious speed eaters!), blankets on green room floors or strewn over reclined strollers with sleeping babies… and it worked!
Well, for the last several weeks, no longer being in corporate church staff roles, Mike, the kids and I have done something quite different.  Well, different for us, but common to a much larger world of people—Sunday brunch!
We live in a triad of three cities, so each week, we have spent our Sunday mornings out with the kids, praying together over where to begin Cre8.  You see, we’ve been looking at bank-owned properties of all kinds, in High Point, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, getting a feel for the areas surrounding us.  Two places we’ve fallen in love with have gone under contract right under us, so we keep looking.

More on that soon… but for now, can I just say that I love Sunday brunch?  We have so enjoyed connecting with amazing people who love family, and love God… but for a variety of reasons have chosen not to spend a Sunday morning in a church building.
Question:  If you would choose Sunday brunch over church, why?
Right now, Cre8 is meeting in small gathering places, and only on occasion.  But when we begin to meet regularly, we are not looking for people to play the church-swap, pick-a-new-seat game, nor are we out to intrigue the people who are already committed and serving with passion inside a church.  People can find so many wonderful places with programs that appeal to their needs and wants.  (We see them as we drive all around these communities!)
Does that mean that we don’t love the local church?  Not at all.  I grew up with a HUGE love for church!  Even in the midst of crazy church drama, groups of people were graced by God to accomplish a world of wonderful things.  Mostly, I love The Church (with a capital C)… and when leaders are too much about their own church’s name, alarms go off all over my insides.  While I don’t love the hurt that gets attached to competitive organizations, I have seen so much good come from them, and we have served in some good churches that are changing lives all around the globe.
But everyone is meant to do what God has required of them, and we must take our journey—To Cre8.
It’s usually a lite brunch for me, but this was my choice today!
It’s taken us TIME.  Time to rest and to be a family.  Time to unplug.  To refuel.  And time to meet new people—the people who do want more than what they haven’t gotten in a church, and believe it or not, still crave more than a Sunday Brunch.
The search for a property has been extensive!  We don’t want to jump into something that we shouldn’t, waste what start-up money we do have, or put pressure on people whom we are called to serve.  Looking at buildings, walking land, meeting people, observing the faces and walking-traffic… these things continually fine-tune our vision and fill our family with passion!
Before I go, can I answer the question I asked you?  (Of course I can! This is my blog!)  Why do *I* enjoy the Sunday Brunch crowd?  People are relaxed… themselves… and together.  It is so refreshing to see people sitting around tables, not obsessing over who is standing on a stage or how many people are sitting in rows.  Conversations are not rushed, and at tables all around us, moms and dads are spending family time (the very little they have) on the face-to-face.  I love that!  This has caused us to add a Sunday morning environment to our Cre8 dream… and oh, it makes me happier than two hungry kids drooling over their plates, with chocolate-chip-smiley-face pancakes staring them back!  (How’s that for a teaser?)

So just as “brunch” brings together the best of both breakfast and lunch, we dream toward the day when church and family meet, and we serve together.  And Cre8.

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