After a few months of some throw-away, I am about to pick up a handful of topics, pick up the pace with this blog, and throw them your way…
1) We’ve been quiet on the Cre8 front for a while, and the season of silence is coming to a close:  You will soon be up to date!
2) Helping the kids walk in faith, we’ve had some great family moments that garner some quick sharing.
3) Deep in my computer archives are years of stories and thoughts on children’s worship: from behind a church staff title, out on the travel circuit, and throughout the week-to-week worship settings with large and small groups of amazing and sometimes hilarious children of all ages.  It’s silly to let those thoughts stay inside a laptop that only I can read.  Some of you (especially those of you who worship with kids) might enjoy a good ol’ dusting off of some fun and interesting stories.  So be on the lookout!
Tonight the coffee will be brewing in Mr. Condo, and my fingers will be skipping across this keypad.  All the while my heart will skip to a steady rhythm of gratitude, knowing that there are friends on the other side of these little words (YOU).
I know no other way to be than “whole self.”  However, sometimes when you put your whole self in, you have to take your whole self out… shake it all about… do the “quiet hiat” (hiatus), and then turn yourself around.  We’ve needed some non-riot quiet, so that is what we have done. Good stuff to come as a result.
This summer, I was away from my kids for just over three weeks :::GASP:::
It was great fun leading worship for Camp KidJams, but there is nothing like being with Mike and the kids!  When I walked in the door, they smothered me with love and a whole lot of crazy, so I grabbed my camera and we started a click-fest.  Here are a few of the captured faces.  My hope is that you and I will have a similar reunion… and I will do my best to harness all of my emotions (and perhaps a whole lot of crazy) in a way that won’t put you to sleep!
Whole self: That’s what it’s ALL about!
See you SOON!
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