So it’s Day 10 of the “No Whining, Grumbling, Complaining” Challenge, and I thought I’d give a quick update.  We have been put to the test.  Last week, Mike and I were brought up against a really big hurdle, thus pausing a major decision that we were overjoyed about.  It was hard, but we have kept with the Challenge in spite of the desire to have toddler-like crybaby meltdowns.
The kids have been doing great!
The results (in all of us) are:
1) quicker obedience 
2) sweeter apologies
3) an overall bubbling of JOY.
JOY really goes a LONG way in a family, especially when circumstance wants to rob you of its expression.  If you are not already taking this challenge with us, I hope you will jump in!  Just read the last blog and you’ll get caught up.
This week, I hope to fill you in on the last vision meeting, a land venture, the status of an old warehouse, the church that we are serving part-time, and our upcoming Cre8 Summer Nights
Thanks for your prayers.
Especially in these beginning moments,  JOY *is* our strength. 
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