A nap at a host home during an interview weekend
Life is spinning along rapidly right now, and today I had to stop and take a breath.  I was browsing through iPhoto, looking at the kids and how MUCH they’ve grown since we’ve been in North Carolina.  I came across this photo and it stopped me in my tracks.
The night that we had the overall vision for Cre8 was the night that Mike resigned from a Director of Family Ministry job at a church in GA.  For the next six months, we weren’t sure how to begin this thing while providing for our little growing family.  Seven churches contacted Mike which sent us into a time of “where do we go now?” and we took time to travel, see family, and go through interviews to see if we were supposed to continue in corporate ministry while God developed the vision and guidance for this “idea” to take shape.
We were in California, working for two weeks with our friends, Jeff and Shannon.  We turned right around and went back out for a five-day interview process, exhausting the possibilities (and our kids).  At the home where we were staying, I went in to check on our napping children, and this is what I found.
This picture holds thousands of words that do not even begin to articulate my emotion today.  You see, since that picture was taken, we have traveled for several companies and camps, relocated to NC,  watched our ATL house and attachment there uproot S.L.O.W.L.Y., we’ve served with wonderful friends here, launched heavily into home schooling… and all while feeling our wheels spin somehow simultaneously with forward movement—feeling a sense of home and homelessness, all at the same time.
Big Kids, excited to open their own accounts.

What started these thoughts?  Well, you may laugh at this:  With all of the ministry legal work being planted to grow here in North Carolina, we opened an account at a local credit union today—finally saying “good-bye” to the accounts that we have had IN PENNSYLVANIA ever since I began the early days of ministry travel, fresh out of High School.  Weird?  Maybe.

“Nostalgic” describes a yearning for the past, or sense of homesickness.  My kids have bigger hands now, but they still hold them, just as they did that day in CA.  I do not want to relive the past four years, nor do I want to propel my kids into their teenage years any faster than time will inevitably bring.  I am not home SICK… no.  I am just looking in detail today at nearly four years of precious moments that feel almost like a blink.
But we are at rest. Holding hands. And even in the fast-moving changes of today, with the children who are *suddenly* four years bigger than they were in that napping picture… we are… HOME.
Remembering A Smelly Easter Basket