So, what do a trip to Texas, a wise man, pine needles, trees, an old warehouse, a cruise ship, a musician co-op, home, church, and The Family Table ALL have in common?!?
We invite you to the first open Vision Meeting for Cre8 on June 10th!
Please email for details; bring your whole family and invite any interested friends…

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Sometimes it may seem like just a random collection of objects; but when seen through a creative lens, those objects display a glorious kaleidoscope! In a similar way, we are believing God, who “creates new things,” to bring together community artistry in the next days and months.  Much has been provided and the vision is ready to share. Come and see how that list of the seemingly unrelated, and more, are coming together to merge the realities of “worship/service” and “church/home” for those who want it and for those who need it… We hope you will join us!

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