They say that money doesn’t grow on trees.  Yet with our heart-cry before the Lord to build this ministry both steady and debt-free, He seems to have a different idea!  You see, the God Who made the trees, made them to cre8 these little things called needles, and instead of searching for treasure like a needle in a haystack, God has gifted us with a forest full of … well… money!
An extremely generous man has offered us all of the needles in his three (3) forests, to clean and bale, and sell… to plant seed into the funding for Cre8!
So, “needle-less to say” for the next few weeks…
We are EXTREMELY passionate about PINE STRAW!!!
Faith without works (action) is dead… a lot like needles in the woods, lying there doing nothing.  Our action, combined with the vision and one man’s generosity… well, who KNOWS what is possible!!!
Now, there are some things to consider as we make this step of obedience, facing our fears of meeting any snakes and spiders along the way:
1) Who will buy it?
2) Where will we store it to keep it dry if it doesn’t sell right away?
3) How quickly can Mike and I accomplish this job, or would anyone like to join this team of balers?
For every ONE of the 70,000 trees that this generous man has planted, we are praying that in our lifetime, we will see 70,000 families grow strong in the Lord as they begin to Cre8 with their Creator… from their home first, and then out into their community!
Finally, while we clean up a forest and scoop up pine needles, we are praying “loaves and fishes, fishes and loaves!”  We don’t know the exact financial needs as we tackle a few very large goals for the summer and fall of 2011… but we know the God who KNOWS THE NEED.  So we are believing that on the ground under those 70,000 trees, lies the provision for exactly what God knows will be required to accomplished that which He has purposed.
Then NO ONE can say that this came from any one person, but rather from the One Who started this whole thing for His own Glory and Fame!
Now… I am off to order the balers…
“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9 (NLT)
May All of My Questions Lead to Conversations
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