Truly, I am no expert blogger.  
* This is an enjoyable way to get to know people whom I might not ever meet or have regular conversations with in real life (I love that there is a return-reader from Slovenia and that I had to look up that country to learn about it and imagine what he/she might be like!).
* It is a fun way to let people get to know me.  Accountability is great, and there is a bit of a higher standard set before me daily.  How authentic am I really?  Who am I reflecting?  How is my family really holding up when no one else sees?  Can I write words and remain true to them?  (I don’t like fake.)
A few little updates:
* The “solo-flight Ami-only” grocery store runs ran out a few months ago, and Mike is back in the regular-shopper seat.  :::SIGH:::  I do, however, do some of the grocery shopping now, so progress has been made!
* Blog stats are fun to read.  Since I don’t take advantage of typing in key search words or anything, I feel pretty unseen from accidental visitors (there’s probably an official name for them).  I know that these musings have public access to anyone interested, but I really just didn’t expect too many people to read them, let alone return to read more!
Hits are up to nearly 4,000…  I don’t know if that’s good or bad.  I’m not a number-tracker.  But when I wondered if 10 or so might visit, that makes me pretty happy (It doesn’t track my own pageviews, and I am pretty sure that Nana and Grandma have only read about half of the count!)  🙂
One thing jumps out:  Each post that has had to do with a deep conversation about God-Stuff with my kids has almost immediately propelled into the lead!  So in my little world here, that seems to be the main attraction and a way that my small story can add value to others.  This is super exciting!  Those posts are the long ones and people give the time to read them and take the extra energy to share them!  This also shows us that in pursuing the shared family connections through Cre8, we may meet a deeper need with others who desire to connect and celebrate… from the home-front out!
So today I just decided to pop in here to let you know that I will always be writing about one of the following things:
1) Conversations about life and faith with my kids.
2) Things that personally convict me to be a better person (if it doesn’t start with authenticity with Mom, then no words to them will be of any long-term value).
3) Progress with the Cre8 Ministry (any post about that will have the word Cre8 in the title).
4) Occasional fun family moments, meals, games or adventures that you might want to try (those are much easier to find all over cyberspace, though… and thus, have moved to 4th on the list for me.)
Hope you will continue to find a little time and a little space in your life to give these words a read.  It is a blessing to know that I am not just talking to myself (although that’s fun too).

My next blog post will be all about the song 40,000 Reasons and for a limited time, that song will be available FREE to anyone who wants it!
You may sample the song here for now – ENJOY!
Oh, Look!  I just figured out how to make the little link thing work without showing the web address!  (Yep – it’s all in the little things!)
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