First let me apologize for taking so long to post about the Cre8 S’More night in October!  Life has been exceptionally busy, and I am finally able to use some time to give an update.  Another funny reason for the delay?  People with cameras were into the experience so much so that not all aspects of the event are even documented… we don’t have any photos from the second night!  It’s quite alright though.  Seeing that these special times together are NOT performance-based, I rather prefer the lack of display.  That being said, enjoy taking your walk through one special night – a small taste of Cre8.
The rain passed, and the sun lit up the beauty of fall after the big storm.  This is a beautiful picture taken by Jacob Mauney, who arrived early to simply worship our Creator from behind his camera lens.
Quickly, the sun set and headlights rolled into the drive.
The Worship Barn began to fill with people…
with more arriving.
As people arrived, little ones played.
Everyone “signed in,” young and old, leaving each personal mark of creativity.

Even some friends from far away were represented.
We began at 7, all together.
Mike gave a small glimpse of the vision behind Cre8.
Then we did some singing.
We sang…
kids danced…
and they sang…


…and a little dancer spontaneously expressed adoration.
Scripture was read as we talked about Life and the Journey.
Some played…
while others sang.
And all of us, as families, were ourselves as we gave the LORD our time and attention.
As one Mommy’s hands rejoiced with her little one…
another Mommy held a precious little heart in her hands.
Friends connected.
Families took a night hike, and people truly celebrated one another…


Bible Study friends.

Girls shared in giggles and smiles.


Buddies shared in gooey s’mores.
On our first Cre8 night, we made our s’mores with the grill. No one seemed to mind.
And we all took the challenge to make time for *more,* in order to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”
Everyone experienced the night(s) from a different lens.  We had college students ask us to offer college nights for campus groups.  We had church people say, “I can see how this will refresh people within the church.” And we had one couple tell us that they can’t wait to invite their unchurched friends.  I guess Jesus is like that when people love people, and love is just simple.  For He does keep His promises, “And if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to Myself.”  ~John 12:32
I have no pictures of tiki torches, the night hike to the bridge, or the bonfire… those moments were just enjoyed.   I think it is wonderful that we were simply too focused on the people around us to remember to take pictures of them… and that is okay!
Hope you enjoyed this small taste of Cre8.  Every time we gather, it will be quite different.  Yet one thing will always be consistent:  There will be simplicity.  There will be connection, celebration, and Jesus.  Perhaps someday you will join us.  Right now we are hoping to Cre8 Christmas… and if we do, we’ll let you know.
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