Last night was crazy!  It was scheduled to be our first-ever Cre8 Family Night, and it had become a “weather-permitting gathering” due to in-coming thunderstorms and the tornado threats.  I rarely watch weather forecasts as I can’t change the weather anyway, but I found myself checking the hourly forecast for Kernersville, NC on nearly a minute-by-minute basis.  At ten in the morning, Mike and I decided to cancel the night, and we began contacting attendees.  To our surprise, many still wanted to come.  We were getting encouraging calls from friends saying, “We’ll wear our mud-boots!”
Before lunch I sent this email:

Hey Friends!

With the high possibility of thunderstorms, we have an indoor plan and an outdoor plan.


If you can only come tonight,  we will be there!  There will be a small core of us there to worship and to hang out together… but potentially mostly indoors.  The bon-fire will be determined by the weather… however, we can still have a blast and even make our s’mores with the grill!


We will be doing the full event, including the outdoor family activity!  Please join us, and just plan to bundle up!  The chilly weather will welcome the bon-fire, and Mr. Weather is calling for clear, sunny skies!

The very nature of our family nights is to be ourselves, not worrying about performance, but simply allowing for connection and celebration!  And we can do THAT together, in ANY weather!!!


Join us once

Join us twice

But Cre8ing “together”

Will just be nice!

Believing God for Great things,


After 4 pm, Mike, the kids and I headed to Wal-Mart to pick up last-minute s’more fixings.  It was already raining hard, and while we were shopping, the rain POUNDED down on the metal roof.  It felt like the store could blow away or collapse on our heads at any moment!  In the store we ran into a few friends who were planning to come, and we asked them  while listening to the loud, pounding rain, “Are you actually still wanting to brave this weather and come tonight?”  Without hesitating, the answer was, “Oh yeah!  We’ll be there!”

I’m going to let my iphone pix (8 of them, of course) walk you through the next several minutes — from the kids waiting inside the Garden Center door for Mike to pull up with the van… through our ten-minute drive to the property… to when we arrived at “The House at the End of the Road,” finishing with the first ten minutes standing in the driveway.  Enjoy!

Giddy Children, standing in and out of the greenhouse rain, watching the storm and waiting for Daddy to pick us up.
As we drove toward the house, we kept saying, “Surely no one is coming tonight.  We should force the cancel.  But that opening is near the property, so let’s make the call when we get there…”
We sat at the entrance, turned off the wipers, and to our surprise, the rain had stopped.  “Wow, this is really going to happen tonight, isn’t it?…even if there are only a few of us!” And then we drove in laughing.
This is the view of what we call “The Worship Barn.”  You can see the storm that we just drove through, passing in the distance.
At that very moment, turning around to the other end of the property, we watched the sun come in.
This is the blue that was on its way!
And we watched the dark clouds pass over – sunshine now lighting the treetops.
Within minutes, we had the smell of clean fall air after a warm rain, blue sky, and the assurance that at least a few friends were coming to join us!  Mike was wearing a plaid flannel shirt he bought for his first year at camp.  We decided that if we were at camp, we would have rolled with it, and with people still wanting to come, it would just be a lot like camp tonight!  The kids and I danced in the puddles, then swept storm-blown leaves away from walkways.  I don’t think “helping Mom” had ever been so fun!
In another post, I will share about the actual night.  I just wanted to let the pictures tell a story.  I learned a great deal yesterday from the weather… about the climate of today’s Family.  As storms come and go, people are deeply craving moments in which to Connect and Celebrate… to get out of the storm for a bit, and celebrate each other… which is just what we did!  All 51 of us!!!
We are excited for Friday, and look forward to whatever Mr. Weather sends our way.  Thank you everyone who joined us on such a crazy crazy night… to share in just a little Something S’More.


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