written together 12/31/1996
It’s Time.  Time to talk about Cre8.  What is it?  Why attempt this venture?  I thought it would be fun to reveal a bit about our past, evidenced here on the golden rod paper with ink-jet print, written on New Year’s Eve, our first year together!
First, our beginnings – the speed version: Mike and I had our first date (Pizza Hut and Wal-Mart after a week of leading sailing and horse camps) on June 30, 1996.  We were engaged three and a half months later, on October 18th.  Then surrounded by family and friends, we married on November 23, 1996 in the chapel of an assisted-living center!  (Obviously, a funny story for another time!!!)
Just over a month into our marriage, we pulled out our gigantic gray laptop, and wrote a life, love, and mission statement… which we still have today.  The desires we had then to “Keep the Focus” have remained intact, and revisiting our covenant has helped us to deeply appreciate where we are today.
Our Mission
  • To worship and honor God in everything we say and do
  • To lead people to Christ
We Vow
  • To exalt the Lord, and not ourselves
  • To serve one another in marriage before we serve others in ministry
  • To be in the world, but not of it
  • To remain humble, and to let ONLY Christ himself change who we are
  • To make all decisions in unity with one another and with Christ before taking action
  • To remain consistent — our public lives and our private lives should BOTH reflect Christ
  • To do what we feel God has called us to do regardless of the response
  • To never quit
Our Vision
  • To go everywhere God leads us in the world to glorify His Name
  • To continue song writing… both relational and spiritual
  • To continue writing (referring to books and stories)
  • To acquire land for use in the retreat and counseling realm
As for the digits all over the page?
We have pulled this paper out in times of major life change, and when Mike was feeling the need to resign from North Point and leave an amazing ministry job and the “family” we loved, those digits were all part of the “can we? should we? could we? process”… and the answer was… we took the jump.  That was five years ago, with a great deal more of vision-refinement to follow, as we have done our best to be faithful with the steps laid before us.

Now, I am being transparent to let you see this.  Have we kept the covenant in every decision at all times?  Absolutely not.  There have been times of vow-breaking, mission-abandon, discouragement of vision, and yes, even the overwhelming urge to QUIT.  Yet, we have taken time, again and again, to set this covenant before our eyes and regain our courage and passion… too many times to count.
With our favorite ministry moments being formed in camp, worship arts opportunities with kids, personal retreat environments, and church with a successful & constant emphasis on family ministry, you will see that within this desire to Cre8, it all comes together in this one idea, and fail or succeed, we make a covenant to obey.  Right now, more than ever before, it is time to leap.
Read on to Part 2 – Cre8: The Story (coming soon…)
(Our first family gathering is happening on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010.  Space is limited by the number of cars we can park.  To express interest, email us at: mike@wideopenhome.org )
Cre8: The Story (Part 2)