Cooking is only enjoyed by this Mom when it is mixed in with a mound of fun, so the other day we decided to start something that is going to take us a while, and provide plenty of fun along the way… perhaps even some juicy stories.

We are choosing meals that represent places that Mike and I lived while growing up, and as we eat a “super-special state supper,” the kids get to ask Mommy or Daddy anything they want about what it was like to be a little kid growing up in that place.
Stop One took us to OHIO, where Daddy was born and raised.
We made Cincinnati Chili, and the kids wore Cincinnati Reds hats and asked Mike all about living in Ohio.
We will be making & baking, crunching & munching, nibbling & giggling our way through Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas (one of Mommy’s favorite family summer spots), and of course Georgia, where both Jeffrey Michael and Sadiella were born.   

(All represented state food suggestions are welcome!)

The eating adventure will end with two very special meals – Daddy’s all-time favorite dinner & dessert, and then mine.  (I can already tell you that mine will include Granny’s homemade chicken & dumplin’s and Mom’s blackberry cobbler, both recipes with a handful of this and a pinch of that.  Should be fun!)
Because it will take some time to travel along this tasty trip, I’ll just post the “Eating Through  Childhood” nights randomly as we go.  
Here are some pix of Cincinnati Chili Night, which I must say tasted much like your loaded Skyline chili (a hint of cinnamon included)!  YUM!!!

Cheesy grins…
 and plenty of cheers for Daddy!

Finally, thank you for the many private messages of love, prayer and suggestions to encourage my Mom during this season!!!  I can’t ever thank you enough!  The kids and I now have some very SWEET ideas in the storehouse, ready to share with her… all because YOU shared them with me. 

Walking In His Own Shoes
A Recipe for Mom?