My cousin Heather posted this quote on my facebook wall today:

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” (Mother Teresa)

I have found so far that our family really does not eat very much actual bread (not even one loaf a week)… but there is a continual stirring and sharing of The Bread of Life.  Sometimes we are pretty good at sharing life, and sometimes not; I’m sure it is that way in every family.  It certainly was that way in mine growing up – full of times that were life-giving, and other times that gave great pain.

The kids and I were just with my parents, and Mom is not well.  Her body has been suffering for a lot of years, and now, while I appreciate her desire to “put on” for the grandkids, it was nearly impossible and took every last ounce of her energy.  

I have been a source of life and a source of pain to her within the moments of our growing-up-family years, but at least we were living under the same roof where what was going on at least seemed personally manageable, as if I could help do something.  Right now I am just feeling helpless and far away.  

I thought that today I would post a song that I wrote for my kids:

When it comes to family, giving the love and appreciation that Mother Teresa spoke of is essential to one’s personal inner health and belief/courage, as well as that of the future generations.  While I have no idea what “flying” can look like with Mom right now, I hope that she can see how her own children have grown to love their own children, And It Goes On.

Once a little girl with big dreams, she married a dreamer, and raised her own two kids.  Life has taken its toll through the growing yeast of pain and tragedy, and somewhere along the way, her wings were clipped, or simply weighed heavy and tired.

So my question(s) today:  How can I help Mom right now?  How can this painful season be full of life and joy? How can I help her rise up and face each day?  What words and actions of love and appreciation will bring about the most goodness, health and life, to her and to the rest of the family?  This season is what it is, so we have to make it the best that it can be.

This is especially difficult considering my parents’ current job & living circumstances coupled with the extreme physical distance from their home to ours.  But still… I am a wife, I am a mother… and I am still a daughter.

Where is the Fresh Bread recipe for days like these? 

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