The kids and I are headed to The A-T-L tomorrow after church so that I can do some studio work with Jeff and see family.  Guess what that means?  School on-the-road, no grocery shopping for a few days, and very little cooking, if any!
Here is what I looked like yesterday afternoon when I SHOULD have been making dinner, as I’d promised:
iphone pix are even blurrier when taken by giggling children!
Now, friends, I have to confess that even though Mike says it doesn’t count (that he was going to Target anyway to get something he needed), he did go ahead and pick up a few things for the fridge and for the family, all so that I wouldn’t have to go out after my exhausting day with my high-energy CC Class, my young “Apprentice Brigade!”
So with all of his husband love (which includes lots of patience), and in honor of the 100th day before Christmas, Mike gave me the gift of a night off (he really had no choice, seeing that he wanted to eat, and I could not peel my tired booty off our comfy couch!).  Later, the kids picked out The Grinch from the “Do Not Open ‘Til Christmas Season” DVD organizer and enjoyed some popcorn and chocolate milk (too hot for cocoa).
It was early “Merry-s” to me, and to all, a good night.
When I return from Atlanta, I will give s’more details on the Cre8 Family night coming in October, and I will also share a few “before & after” photos of what’s inside “Mr. Condo” as we’ve been Cre8ing desi8n that fosters family life.
With no bread, and really no inspiration to the close-out of my shopping/cooking week, I will just say that the Fresh Bread – the LIFE – was just given as a gift to this tired mommy.  Thanks, Babe.

Thanks everyone for reading!  
Enjoy a restful weekend, and have a great week!
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